I threw down the gauntlet to Mormon Stories Podcast, challenging them to have me on their shows.

Sigh ... It's unlikely that the gentleman whom I recently mentioned in a post, who published The Sealed Portion as his own book, is going to follow through and meet with me in public.

These types of people show an interest, until they do a bit of investigation into the MWAW and me ... and then they ghost us.

Darn it all to heck!

Why are these people afraid to meet me in public and show their wares?

But anyways ...

I personally contacted a group called Mormon Stories (www.mormonstories.org) and threw down the gauntlet.

I wrote and made the challenge: I challenged the owners and producers to assemble the best panel possible to confront me about the Book of Mormon and The Sealed Portion.

I've listened to just one of their podcasts. Geez Louise! These people don't have a clue about Real Truth®—things as they really are, and as they really were. Tons of opinions are being given, never arriving at anything close to the Real Truth®.

For those who like the ZEITGEIST OF REAL TRUTH® show, we have asked you many times to find sound challenges. Help us out.

But again, who is going to challenge? Why won't they?

In challenging people to take on the Real Truth®, get a concise answer out of them about why they won't appear in public with me.