Karen Cunningham Miller


Just a little about myself. I was born in Omaha, NE on September 4, 1962. I was the youngest of three. My mother was born in Germany. My father was born and raised in Omaha. My parents met in Kaiserslautern, Germany. My mother was a child during the war and went through many horrific things. My mother had ten siblings. My father had ten siblings as well.

My father was in the Army when he met my mother. Once married they made their home in Omaha.

My fathers sister married a Mormon and they shared the gospel with my parents. They were baptized.

I feel my childhood was normal. I remember being a happy child, full of life and friendly. I have always loved horses and swimming.

I’ll end here for now. It’s hard for me talk about myself. I’ll add more later.☺️


My mother in my eyes is an angel. When she married my father and moved to the U.S. she was twenty spoke very little English and knew no one. She joined the church because she believed what the missionaries taught regarding having an eternal family. Having her family together forever sounded incredible. My father on the other hand had a different view on life. Things weren’t so good at home. He was provided for but, his home was full of turmoil. He being the youngest of eleven children saw a lot he shouldn’t have. This made his heart hard. My parents marriage was tumultuous. They loved one another but, my father wasn’t living the Mormon life. My father was an incredible provider and he loved us.

Most of my childhood we were taken to church by a member of the church. My mother being naive believed everything she heard. As I grew my mother would always compare our family to other members. As time went on she felt like her kids weren’t as good as other members kids. I felt like I was always compared or judged. Celestial marriage was always talked about my mother wanted us to marry a returned missionary and have many children. That didn’t happen.

To be continued

Karen Cunningham Miller