Lupe Ordonez

Lupe Ordonez

I am a middle child of a family of 7 siblings my parents divorced when I was a small child; I was raised by a single mother.

I grew up near the City of Juarez, Chihuahua Mexico across from El Paso, Texas USA .

The religion was Catholic I was not a member of it, it was mainly tradition and word of mouth. Every plaza had a Catholic church amongst the business around. I never had a bible growing up, bibles were not available.

When I finished high school (Secondary School) I came to the USA and lived in the State of Colorado for some time.

In late 1979 I moved to Richmond, Virginia

In 1980 I joined the lds Mormon church a quick swim at the park lake I was member and I was told because of my dark skin I was cursed, I didn’t understand, my English understanding was minimal.

Not having a Green card was interesting.

For many year I lived with shame and guilt because of that religion (lds Mormon church) that hateful religion became a mental illness to me, that religion taught a doctrine me to believe in things that are not real and things that are not true and do not exist.

After learning various writers like Joseph Atwill and some other authors of such, I knew that God did not exist and that Jesus Christ was a roman political construct to control populace and the bible was the vehicle to do so.

I was watching a video where Chris was explaining that (back then C was not allowed to reveal the Real Truth) Jesus Christ was not as broad-shoulderd as he was, C was wearing open shoes and had brown pants, and he said “he is not as tall as I am ‘bout yea tall. I thought to myself that asshole is talking in code.

I ripped the internet wide open and ferociously looked at who CMN was, Humanity Party, MWAW, the Sealed Portion, MWAWblogtalkradio and more and more.

And then Ssev Dor dedicated a grave something video.

The Real Truth has cleared so much old musty mental trash caused by the Mormon/lds religion.

I am peaceful and calmed with following The Real Illuminati’s Messenger that I know in my heart.

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