Lynnette Cook

I have written my story many times and in many ways. I’ve even been interviewed with the husband I had when we found the work. In the interest of keeping this story to a manageable length, I won’t go into more details about my journey. The journey itself, while it might be interesting, is not nearly as important to me as where it has taken me. If you are interested in hearing more, I will leave my contact information at the bottom of the story and I would be happy to share more with you.

Here is an excerpt from my last writings about my life:


One night, [after a life full of a multitude of struggles and pain, self-doubt, insecurities and many, many questions], I found myself kneeling beside my bed, sobbing, begging, pleading with my Heavenly Father to please, please, please just tell me the truth. In desperation, I offered to give up everything that meant anything to me in exchange for this information. I offered to lose my husband, my children, my family, my home, my possessions, my membership in the church, anything, anything, anything that was needed. I just needed to know the answers. I went to bed empty again.

Soon thereafter, I don’t know how long it was (days, I think), my husband came home from work and announced that he had found the Sealed Portion. I was STUNNED! I knew what that was. I had been waiting for as long as I could remember for that day. How could I have not heard about it? Where did it come from?

Although I was excited to know, I was also guarded and careful because the man who claimed to have translated it was not the prophet of the church, but someone I had never heard of. But I HAD to know.

Thus, began my journey to Real Truth. I have read every book, studied every post I’ve been able to get my hands on, listened to every broadcast that I could find, and put the things I’ve learned into practice in my life to the best of my ability. I have never found anything in my life that has made more sense and allowed me to take control of my life in a positive way than the truths I have found in this Work.

The peace that I have found since finding the Marvelous Work and a Wonder, The Humanity Party, and the Real Illuminati has been profound and affected every area of my life. Here are just some of the many benefits that I have realized:

1. I love myself. Because of my new understanding, I am more patient and accepting of my flaws and have come to appreciate who I am in this mortal experience. I used to be needy of love and attention. Now, I am grateful for it but not so needy. I don’t worry so much if people like me, although I still like for them to, but I like myself and because of that, I don’t need others to reassure me and help me feel okay about who I am.

2. I no longer worry. Not only do I realize the unproductiveness of it, but I don’t even have the tendency towards it. I have the ability to feel comfortable knowing that no matter what the outcome, I will be okay, not just in this lifetime but in the eternities. This extends not only to me, but to my children, my family, my friends, and all loved ones, as well as everyone on this planet. This is a tremendous relief because [anyone who knew me before this great change knew] that I was a big worrier, constantly worried about doing the right thing and pleasing God and others.

3. I feel no need to forgive anyone, ever, including myself. What is there to forgive? We are all doing the best that we can, given our circumstances and I understand so much better how unnecessary forgiveness is. I know that if I take offense, that’s my problem, not someone else’s.

4. I have no regrets about anything in my life – nothing. At times, I still feel a little badly about things I have done that have hurt others, especially my children, but I am able to shake that feeling knowing that I have always done the best that I have known how to do in the circumstances I’ve been in and with the knowledge I’ve had. I no longer feel the need for an atonement or anything to redeem me because of messing up my eternal salvation. I know differently now.

5. My judgments are gone. I never thought I was a judgmental person because I truly have always had a great love for people, no matter what their choices or behaviors. But I now realize that it is IMPOSSIBLE to believe in any religion or any right or wrong that applies to all people, and NOT judge people. How can you? If there is a right or wrong that is universal and all-encompassing for everyone, then that is the measuring stick. I now believe that each person has the right and ability to determine for themselves what is their right or wrong, including me, but I have no right or ability to determine it for anyone else, nor do they for I. What a freedom that is to not have to be concerned about what other people are doing and just worry about finding my own peace.

6. I have learned to know and understand myself much better. By listening to my own self, rather than others, I have been able to better gauge which things bring me peace and which things do not.

7. My love for all of humankind has grown exponentially. No matter how much I loved people before, I do even more now. How can I not when all judgment is gone, I don’t need to forgive or worry about anyone, and I love myself?

8. My life is one of peace – much more peace than I have ever experienced – and that peace is not conditioned upon what is happening in the world. This is HUGE, especially during this past year (2020) of total chaos. I have not been brought into the negative emotions that so often are felt with all of the troubles we are seeing in the world.

9. I have become empowered to take control of my own life. This includes accepting responsibility for my own choices and not blaming anyone else. It allows me to remove myself from situations that take away my peace and to change my life when I’m unhappy with any part of it, and that includes changing me. If I find something I don’t like about myself, I change it. Sometimes it takes a while, it’s a process, but it happens. Anyone who has known me over the last several years would be able to attest to the vast amount of changes I have made in my life.

10. I am a nicer person. I know it and if anyone who knew me before actually spent some time really getting to know me again, they would know it too.

The list could go on and on but I’ll let it rest here with this:

Everything that I’ve ever wanted to know about human reality and religion is explained through the Marvelous Work and a Wonder.

Every solution to humanity’s problems is presented through The Humanity Party.

The Real Illuminati has the Real Truth and has presented it to us through a True Messenger. Please, listen to them.


One of the most amazing and empowering things that I have learned on my journey of finding the real truth is my own accountability. For me, it goes hand in hand with every bit of empowerment that I have discovered.

As I look at my life, I see that I am NOT a victim, not in ANY way. I see how situations created problems, how my choices, created my problems as well as the effect that they had on others in my life, those who were a part of my experience.

Some might look at my home life growing up and see that I was a victim in some way. I do not see it as that way. I see the dynamics surrounding my upbringing. I had siblings who had to deal with favoritism. I had a mother who was very sick the majority of my growing up, I had a father who deals with his own struggles and deficiencies in learning some things that seem very basic and fundamental to the people in my life. I see parents who no longer loved each other but were bound together by the beliefs they had been taught all of their lives and had adopted as their own, believing they had no option but to stay together.

In my first marriage, I see a husband who was stuck with a wife he felt he could not leave, with so many children he did not want, in a religion (which his wife hung on to with every fiber of her being) that condemned the very thing he tried to do to relieve the pressures in his life. I see a hurt over losing someone so precious to him that he could not find a way to relieve, and perhaps regret over the things he said before she died.

I see the sufferings of my children, being born into a dysfunctional home of anger, hurt and fear, being inundated to the nth degree with religion at every turn, losing everything when they left the original situation, and then having a completely broken mother in a strange environment (strange to them, not a judgment on where we actually lived).

I see my fanaticism and how it alienated me from people, and the judgments I carried in my mind and heart as it was all I had ever known or been taught in this experience. I recognize my insecurities and how they have brought out in me a desire to be the best at things I have done, perfectionism, and how I have never succeeded at that, feeding my desire even more. I am aware of how difficult that has made me to be around. I see my own struggles as an imperfect human with imperfect genes that have created my own ineptitude at so many things in this life and the insecurities that I’ve developed that I have put out on others. I’ve become much more adept at recognizing unhealthy coping mechanisms that I have developed.

I see my pride and how it has played out in my behavior in SO many ways. I see how I have used it when I’m insecure to try to feel better and how I have used it when I’m feeling good about myself as well.

Along with seeing my great inadequacies, I see that I am just a flawed individual, no better or worse than any other of us in this flawed world, having an experience that I chose. I sometimes think in my mind, “Would I be mad at the blindfolded person in Blind Man’s Bluff ( for stepping on my toes or smacking me in the face?”

How could I be? They cannot see what they are doing. How can I be upset with anyone in this world, any human being at all?

I know we are all fundamentally good people. We are all handicapped severely. How can I judge? How can I condemn? Likewise, how can I wallow in pity? Or carry deep regrets?

This is what the Marvelous Work a Wonder has given me … the power to heal myself.

Additionally, I have seen the role that our world has played in each of our development and the additional burdens and stresses it has created. We live in a world that requires us to work and work hard to survive. There’s no let up. There’s no relief. Only a select few (myself included) have any help in this world – family that will take them in when they have no other choice, allowing the ability to leave a bad marriage, for example.

The stresses of this world create unkindness, frustration, anger, abuse, all manner of mistreatment and negative emotions.

I now know that there is a plan that would eliminate ALL of these problems. Think of the beautiful life we could live if we didn’t have to slave away every day, all day long, with huge responsibilities of others, just to survive (not enjoy – just survive). We could change this world virtually overnight.

I could sit around depressed knowing that we have a plan and most of the world is ignoring it. But I choose, instead, to embrace the things I have learned that help me in my daily experience to love myself and others and to patiently allow others to hopefully, in time, learn the importance of changing this world and to have the great desire to find out how.

In the meantime, I remember how blind I was and for how long. I think of what things I had to go through before I desperately begged and pleaded for answers and what a sacrifice I was willing to make to know the truth. Perhaps I am not so different from others. Perhaps that’s part of what this experience is all about. I don’t know, who am I to say? Who am I to judge? Who am I to condemn?

Everything that I have ever learned to help ME, I have learned through the Marvelous Work and a Wonder. Everything I have ever learned about helping this world, I have learned through The Humanity Party.

What perfect plans. What a great thing Real Truth is. How grateful I am for a True Messenger and to the Real Illuminati for healing me and offering to heal this world.

And all of it, every single bit of it, without exception is …


Now, HOW can you beat that?!!!

Thank you for reading my story. Feel free to reach out to me at any time.

Lynnette Cook 435-919-8240