Mark Mathers

My name is Mark Mathers and this is my brief story of how I eventually came to accept the "Real Truth" TM.

I was brought up in an LDS/ Mormon family. My parents were converts having just moved from East Africa in the 70s to Queensland Australia.

There was an event that happed at the age of 5 that I guess solidified the Mormon faith deep deep into my newly forming religious bias. My father chopped through his femoral artery with a circular saw, almost chopping his leg completely off at the groin. I watched him hopping out of the workshop and lying down under our grapefruit tree. I asked if he was ok and of course, his response was, "I'm fine", as I watched large squirts of blood pour out of his artery. Little did I know that my father was dying in front of me. Chaos ensued with my father being thrown into the back of the family car and rushed to the hospital. All my brother and I knew to do was to pray to the god that we had been taught to pray to. Long story short my father who was "dead" on arrival was revived and recovered having lost his leg.

This event solidified my faith in my god that answered my prayers. I was unshakeable. It served me well throughout my life. There were many more big experiences like that in my life that just continued to build resolve. I won't bore you with them all, however let's just say I should have died long ago.

I was a good boy growing up. I did everything to the best of my ability when it came to my Mormon religion. Ironically though I did not like being told what to do, so after my years of being in a Security Dog Squad in Sydney and then serving my mission in Sydney I joined the Royal Australian Air Force as an Airfield Defense Guard in a small counter special forces unit. My family has a long record of military history in its blood, so it made sense, right? "I don't like being told what to do" so let's join the Military, Yep that's right. haha

I guess the military has played a bigger role in how things have panned out than I could have imagined at the time. Or should I say as Christopher says, "The powers that be had a bigger hand in my life than I could see at the time.'"

Kristen and I came across The Sealed Portion at a time when we were desperately searching for further light and knowledge; And when I say we were searching, I mean we were "really searching." You couldn't have found more diligent members of the LDS faith if you tried. We both started reading The Sealed Portion.... We immediately felt "the spirit" and thus our journey began. To cut a long story short again, I felt incredibly wary of following something or someone else ever again, unless I KNEW it was the truth. Let's just say Kristen was a lot quicker in coming to the knowledge of the real truth than I was. I think the terminology they use is called kicking and screaming. Yep, that was me!

It all came down to the "letter" I received from Chris which I couldn't deny. Before receiving the letter I had personal thoughts in my mind that nobody could have known about unless that person was in contact with my True Self. Just amazing to say the least. The information that I have come across and that I'm still learning about just makes sense. As much as I didn't want it to be true in the beginning, now it's undeniable. But this knowledge can't be gained unless one is truly searching for that further light and knowledge. This is a very short summary of how I came to learn about this marvelous work and a wonder. I look forward to meeting you, Christopher, one day because I'm incredibly keen to know why I feel this connection with you. and it's not because we're gay. haha

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