Michael Miskho

Welcome to my new page representing the new me.

I used to use Facebook as a social tool where I hardly posted but observed what others were doing. Now this is a place where I can represent the new me and how I am doing. I am a different person now and believe different things than I did 10 yrs ago. For this reason, I disabled my facebook account for a while because it didn’t represent the new me.

I have decided to enable my facebook account recently but because I don’t want to cause discomfort to some who have known me for years, I chose to disconnect from everybody on Facebook. If those I disconnected from including family and friends, for whom I care about a great deal, still wish to be connected to the new me, then they can choose to reach out and request to reconnect realizing that they do so of their own free will and choice. Anybody that does not like the new me can “unfriend” me and choose to not look and see.

I know the above message sounds harsh and cold, but I have to be clear and serious about this as humanity is at stake. The above message might lead someone to think that I am not the witty, happy smiley person I have always been. I still am and I am even more so as my joy, happiness, fearlessness, stability, confidence, admiration, appreciation, hopefulness, love and gratitude have been amplified . The reason for the serious introduction is I have learned from sad experience that when people who claim they are my friend or my family learn what I believe to be true, bad things happen and people are offended. I respect and appreciate what others hold as true and precious and I seek to learn and understand what anyone believes. I study with an open and critical mind and sometimes I have to suspend disbelief and fight cognitive dissonance in order to see what is true, whether it calls me out as wrong or enforces what I had held to be true. I want to be around people who do the same.

This picture represents a time in my life when I was under great change. I used to think I knew a lot about things and that I was on a great path in life. Constantly driven to read, study, learn and progress. Now I know that I knew nothing before and I know I still don’t know anything. In hindsight, my pride deceived me making me a pious fanciful cretin. Without sounding like an apologist, I am grateful for this journey and count my past as valuable and preparatory. Witnessing the transformation of myself since 2012 is amazing and wonderful to me. I am happier, more positive and more at peace. I am less judgmental and more empathetic and far from perfect.

What happened in 2012? I found the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® as a part of my quest to learn and progress. This quest started back in 2005 as an unquenchable hunger to learn and progress more and more. Pondering, reading, changing my behavior as I was led step by step, line upon line, precept upon precept. Here a little and there a little. Always using the comforter and testator to prove what I was learning. I had always sought for with hope and faith for the day when the sealed two thirds of the plates would be translated and revealed through the prophets as they were promised to contain the greatest information for us. I also looked forward to the unfolding of the book of revelations as it was also promised in the Book of Mormon. As this was key to the restoration progress. When President Hinckley had us all re-read the Book of Mormon by the end of the year I knew that this was it, we were going to come out of condemnation as a church and finally be ready for the sealed 2/3 of the plates. This didn’t happen, even though I and many put tremendous effort to do this. Around 2012, I found this guy who had claimed to have translated the 2/3 of the plates and published a book called “The Sealed Portion”. My first reaction was “no way”. I thought “If this was going to be revealed, then it would come from the leaders of the church”. I forgot about it and moved on. Around October general conference I saw more information about this “crazy guy” again where he was giving comments on the talks of general conference. This once again, caused me to discount this guy. His appearance also caused me to doubt him and make fun of him as he had long hair and dressed funny. Months later I saw an announcement that a descendent of Hiram Smith, Ida Smith had been excommunicated for her support of this “crazy dude”. This shocked me. I thought “How could a strong member with such a strong heritage do this?”. I decided to check it out. I had read many books from many other religions, scientists and even anti-mormon authors and the comforter had always quickly filtered out lies for me. Not a big deal. I downloaded the free .pdf file and started to read. I couldn’t stop. It revealed the vision of the brother of Jared. Moroni, the author, shared insights to Adam and Eve, the history of the world, details about the life of Jesus. Amazing things. Tears fell from my eyes and my heart burned as the comforter compelled me to keep reading. The book didn’t just provide new re-enforcing information to what I had believed. It also challenged me at many times and caused me to question whether I should continue as my beliefs were challenged causing cognitive dissonance in my mind. The saddest moment for me was when I read in one of the appendices about the author’s attempt to give the church control and full representation of the translation. In March 2004, a copy of the pre-published transcript was delivered to the church with a certified letter and it was ignored. This broke my heart. How could this be? Since then, I have re-studied conference talks and publications from the 2004 time period and not even a hint of a mention in support of or even discounting this translation. Shortly after, one of my heroes, Neil A. Maxwell, died and I have to wonder if he was able to read it and what did he think of it. After reading this book. I also read the other books and with each one the scales fell from my eyes helping me to see but also chipping away at my ego as I realized I had known nothing.

This woke me up to a whole new world that is brighter, more hopeful and glorious. Sweet to the taste like a perfect piece of chocolate. If you would like to know what I am talking about I cannot explain it to you. If you feel an inner compulsion to know, then you can read the books in my books section and you can visit the links in my links section.

The banner on my profile cover is important to me and states my complete support for the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® and the Humanity Party®. It is the best explanation that I have found with clear simple answers for the important questions of life. It also provides the most logical and simple solutions that I have found to the fatal problems facing the human race. Maybe tomorrow I’ll find something better and maybe I won’t. I only desire real truth. I don’t know what I did before this life or during this life to be compelled to search for and find this but I am forever grateful. I fully support Christopher, the spokesperson of these two organizations. He has provided a profound message that has opened my eyes allowing me to see. I see myself in a better way. I see all people around me in a better way. I now see how all things can be changed and restored to how they should be. How they once were. How they will be for worlds without end.

Michael Stanley Miskho

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