My last comments to Michael Hampton about his stance on racial and ethnicity issues:


One of the main topics of discussion should be:

WHY are you so PROUD of your particular, assumed race?

Isn't this PRIDE that which is dividing us and keeping us from working together?

Are we not ALL from the same RACE—the HUMAN RACE?

If we cannot get beyond identifying ourselves as different "ethnic groups," humanity—the HUMAN RACE—will fall once again.

And remember what you said, Michael Hampton, PRIDE COMETH BEFORE THE FALL.

We have already explained how the most PRIDEFUL humans, especially about their specific, identifiable ethnicity, WILL FALL FIRST AND THE HARDEST.

We warn you of this.

Here is what the Real Illuminati® wrote about the 'BLACK LIVES MATTER' movement:

(Excerpt from, A New American Scripture—How and Why the Real Illuminati® Created the Book of Mormon, pages 495-498.)

"Consider a few examples of what is happening in the United States today (circa 2020). Those who consider themselves African American— whose ancestors were those in 'bondage'—are rising up in anger and protest against those whose ancestors were considered 'free.' The excessive pride of these descendants of early American slaves causes them to fight against becoming of one heart and one mind with the lighter-skinned Americans, even though most of the white-skinned Americans disagree with slavery in every shape and form.

"The Real Truth® modern African-Americans refuse to see is that the laws that emancipated their ancestors from slavery, as well as the laws that would eventually desegregate America and allow more freedom and equality for a dark-skinned person, were NOT introduced or voted upon by ANY African- American United States member of Congress. ALL were white. If a majority of white-skinned Americans did not support and vote for emancipation and desegregation, the unjust position of an African-American would have remained as it was many years ago.

"Countering the way that the African-American leaders cause fear, anger, protests, uprisings and conflict, the Real Truth® maintains that there is no overall systemic racism in the United States of America. The 'system' of law and order established by the U.S. Constitution was entirely responsible for the changes and laws that brought equality of the races to America. A majority of the white-skinned, non-racist U.S. Congress was solely responsible for these changes.

"The leaders of the African-American movements are creating great strife, anger, hatred, and division. These leaders call Jesus their god, yet not one of them promote the words of Jesus to their followers. The Black Lives Matter movement and protests are causing this unprecedented division, anger, and sometimes fear and violence. These angry, unforgiving, and prideful groups block roads, yell at people passing by their protests, and instill a threat: 'No Justice. No Peace.' These groups, most of whom identify as Christians, do NOTHING that Jesus would do.

"We have explained in some of our writings how we influenced early American slave traders to help the African people come to America. We knew that slavery was happening and that the early Americans were transporting slaves from other countries, besides Africa. We knew of the potential of the United States. Therefore, it is both prudent and wise for modern people, who insist on identifying themselves as African American, to consider the sufferings and struggles their ancestors endured, which ensured that they (the modern people) now have access to the innovations and opportunities afforded to American citizens.

"An African man (born, bred, and still living in Africa today) found our Marvelous Work and a Wonder®. He commented on what is happening in the world with those who identify themselves divisively as of African descent:

"'The pride of African Americans doesn’t only end there in America but transcends down to their African counterpart. As an African, I have always found my environment troubling. There is an unending segregation, discrimination, tribalism, hate, envy, and pride among Africans themselves. I’m not trying to be the good sheep here, but truth be told, we Africans kill ourselves [more] than any [other] race killing Africans.

"'We don’t seem to be solving problems but rather destroying and creating more problems. We claim ... things that we have no empirical evidence of. There is a lot of misleading information among Africans about how the white race invaded Africa, stole their natural resources, rape[d] their women, kill[ed] their brave men that stood against them and took them as slaves. [Instead,] empirical evidence, coupled with common sense points to us as Africans that we had no idea nor enough knowledge about the uses of these natural resources that we have in abundance. [Until] today, Africa remains the poorest continent in the world with [this] so-called abundance of natural resources that Africans make noise off.

"'The lifestyle of almost [all] African leader[s] will certainly make you sick and throw [up]. The abuse of women, sex, and power is common. The lifestyle of almost [all] African Americans in America doesn’t surprise me when compared to the lifestyle of almost [all] Africans in Africa. Most Africans are not law-abiding people. We seem to have [a] problem with law and order. We seem to prefer [a] chaotic environment [rather] than [a] peaceful one. George Floyd’s disobedience to the law and law enforcers is no way different from his counterparts in Africa. Instead of aligning ourselves to other race[s] to promote peace and unity among humanity, we [would] rather promote disunity and segregation by forming pan African and African emancipation groups that create [a] more chaotic world.

"'The Real Truth® is the only thing that calms me down, knowing I have no atom of intelligence and knowledge within me to solve humanity’s problems. My only hope is placed in those who know [that] they know.'

"We would wisely, cautiously, and with great love and compassion for all 'bond' people, ask those so insistent on protesting and fighting 'free' people to consider what it would be like if they returned to the modern African nations where a part of their DNA originated."

(End of excerpt from NAS book.)

I have one question for Michael Hampton and his mentors:

In ALL the cases of assumed 'police brutality,' if the "black" person had been humble and not resisted the commands or arresting procedure of the officers, would the "black" person have been killed or hurt?

An honest answer to this important question would be required of a wise and prudent person trying to challenge the Real Truth® given by the Real Illuminati®.

Now I give a FINAL WARNING to Michael Hampton and his mentors:

IF you persist on your current course of PRIDE, and you fail to do everything in your power to bring the people of this world together as ONE RACE—the HUMAN RACE—the dominant minority, the white-based power holders, will destroy your race and set back the step towards equality and equity that have been made in this world.

The way this will happen is that the "white" people will give you what you desire: complete autonomy, sovereignty, and control of your own ethnicity.

Think about it:

What would happen to your ethnicity, IF the "white" powers that be fail to intercede, both with military support and financial aid?



Your choice.

Michael Hampton

Christopher Nemelka there's no such people as African Americans. But you keep trying to lie, why aren't you promoting European Americans as a identifier for pale skin people? I warn you that I am not human, I am a hue-man or a Man of color.

The etymology of monster is human sir. I'm not worried about a thing. Yes pale skin people are "human beings". Because the etymology of human is monster!

Craig Nichols

Michael Hampton Wordplay. How fun! Your video makes no sense with overtones of obvious racism. Your definition of monster/human makes no sense to me. I am used to seeing things on this partuclar FB page that actually make sense.

Michael Hampton

Craig Nichols you're weak with your analysis, you make it make sense, it's your peoples language and etymology, not mines.. either you debunk it or leave it alone.

How about you answer me this question, where did your kind originate from? Is this Charles Darwin's Theory pseudoscience or not? Or is the bible your creational story?

This woman says their Canadian in the 1800s government identified the dark skin folks as indigenous Ame'Rican, go on her YouTube page and comment she's and their government were lying.

[video link forthcoming]