My personal life and the few involved in it.


When I am in the United States, I am usually in the State of Utah around a small group of core supporters.

These are the Saikis—Tony Saiki, Laura Lynn, and Blade Yoshio Saiki.

The Saikis bought the house in the background from me in 2017, just before I relocated to Europe. I remodeled this house for Sheri a few months before our divorce.

I would say that Laura Lynn is one of my best (girl) friends and supporters. Before Sheri Anne Nemelka came back into my life, Laura was there to hear me complain about how lonely I was and how much I missed Sheri, and to counsel me about staying away from other women ... Yeah, I'm not too good at a man-woman relationship.

Laura takes care of two of my dogs, Mwaw (pronounced Moi—French for me), and Mohonri, when I am traveling throughout the world. (Laura is holding Mwaw in her right arm and M in her left in the attached photo.)

The Saikis, along with Tony's brother, Tino Saiki, are some of the best humans alive upon this earth! Bar none!