One degree of hypocrisy in this world!

Antun Mikić March 4 ·

1. Afghanistan, 2. Iraq , 3. Yemen, the 4. Syria, the 5th Libya NATO and USA introduction of democracy around the world!!

They were left behind ruins and millions of dead!!

But the media and "world leaders" didn't bombard us with that news 24h, didn't portray the US and NATO as aggressors in foreign countries, nobody imposed sanctions on Americans.

Which just shows one degree of hypocrisy in this world!! And of course the media are in their service and doing as they please!

And why didn't all the athletes, actors, politicians and celebrities join together like now to stop all this, to save millions of lives, because WAR is WAR wherever it is, whether it's in Ukraine, Syria, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, etc.!!