One of the most FOOLISH things that Gurr presented during our debate

One of the most FOOLISH things that Gurr presented (during our debate) as evidence that the ancient people of the Western Hemisphere were from two white people from Europe, was the DNA evidence.

When Robert presented this evidence, I had a VERY hard time not rolling my eyes and making a complete mockery of this evidence.

(I really, really felt sorry for the guy, because I knew that DNA scientists would throw up at his presentation.)

Modern DNA samples that are taken from modern descendants of native Americans (of both North and South America) are COMPLETELY diluted with European DNA after many years of the "Thomas Jeffersons" of this world having sex with their slaves ... if you know what I mean.

If an actual DNA sample had been taken from an actual ancient person who lived before European explorers started having sex with all of the ancient Mesoamerican women, NONE of their DNA could have or would have been traced to European people ... especially not to two white Jews living in Jerusalem around 600 b.c.e.

Damn, I actually thought James Rietdijk and a few others of you who thought that Mr. Gurr made ANY sense, were smarter than that.

For God's sake, people! Think logically and rationally!

And hey,

I actually know a couple of guys whose DNA would prove that they have NO European DNA in their blood, not an ounce!

Their names are Mathoni and Mathonihah ...

Oh, but those are just the voices in my head.

But anyways ... 😊

Larry Tidwell

I was rolling my eyes at that part of the presentation as well.

Christopher Nemelka

Larry Tidwell

Come on Lucifer Larry Tidwell, if you thought that, why didn't you point it out in your comments?

You didn't think along these lines, and no one else did either, until I pointed it out with this post.

Humility with a broken heart and contrite spirit will lead you to understand and know ALL the mysteries of God in full ... But this understanding will ALWAYS come from a True Messenger ... ALWAYS!

Let's be honest here, Larry Tidwell 😊

Larry Tidwell

Actually my thoughts during that time was on an article I had read years ago about Native Americans having more Mongolian DNA and how Mongolians, Koreans, and Manchurians seem to have similar features to Native Americans. When I look at older Koreans, I see similarities with older Native Americans. I thought of certain cultural things as well such as the traditional music. I've been to pow wows as well as Korean folk festivals and have always thought of the music between the two groups as being so similar. I thought of certain words in Korean and how they relate to certain words in the Mayan or Aztec languages.

I didn't mention it because I believe my sources regarding Native American DNA could be just as faulty as Mr. Gurr's, and that my experience with Native American and Korean music is just my perception which can be just as faulty.

I try to follow your advice regarding giving my own opinion, which is why I just commented that I just rolled my eyes, because that's exactly what I did.

I don't comment much because I know that I know not and love hearing from one who knows and knows that he knows.

But anyways....

Christopher Nemelka


ALL of those drawings, including ALL of Gurr's explanations given during his opening statements were so ridiculous and easily proven wrong by actual archeologists and anthropologists, I had no reason to waste any time confronting each one.

(This is why we have these things recorded. His evidence, which is manipulated by LDS/Mormon people to their benefit and slant, is EASILY proven false by anyone who wants to do the research.)

Again, there wasn't ONE THING ... NOT A SINGLE THING ... that Gurr presented that I could have not easily confounded.

Why waste the time when I had another agenda and purpose for my presence in the debate? I was able to get out a lot of information, recorded on video, that will help an honest and sincere researcher of truth.

There is not an LDS person on this planet who has the ability to present information that makes sense, that is not a deception of Real Truth™.

For God's sake, Folks!

We have proven through common sense that the Bible is a deception, that the Book of Mormon is a deception, and that The Sealed Portion is a deception.

The idea of the Three Nephites and John the Beloved is a deception used by the Real Illuminati® to get people who are so easily deceived to see how easily they are so EASILY deceived. I've been pretty honest about what my recruiters wanted me to help them do when they asked me to help them un-deceive the deceived.

IF Robert Gurr had made ANY sense at all, and had ANYTHING he presented been worthy of a response, I would have responded. Let me use his own word ...

His presentation, rhetoric, and dogma was so much "horse shit" it wasn't worth my limited time confounding.

But, since there are others like James Rietdijk out there, I find myself today wasting valuable time pointing out the most obvious "horse shit" that the "Jameses" of the world cannot smell until I put it right in front of their noses.

But anyways ...

Jeff Wangsgard

@ 23:12 Mr Gurr names the god of this world....but thats not who Joseph Smith said it was....or was it? 😊

Christopher Nemelka

Jeff Wangsgard

Neither his, nor your comments, make any sense.

I think I'm done with social media for a bit ...

Just can't seem to get people to use their common sense.

But anyways ...