Beijing Olympics: Winter Games end with stunning fireworks display

The CHINESE, of all the nations in this divided and prideful world, gave the GREATEST MESSAGE that could have ever been given during the Closing Ceremony of the 2022 Winter Olympics:


Is there any wonder why "God" (which we now know consists of "God's boots on the ground in this lone and dreary world"—the Real Illuminati®—the True God's TRUE MESSENGERS) might be helping the Chinese with technologies and advancements that will actually help humanity by working to unite all people under one human family? Isn't this what a righteous god would do?

The more Real Truth® I learn and share about what is REALLY happening in China, and in other areas of the world that use law and order to make an attempt to bring peace on Earth, the more ashamed I am about what the United States and other Capitalistic countries are doing to disenfranchise humanity and ruin peace on Earth.

Just wait until the release of the last book of the Real Illuminati®'s profound TRILOGY: ONE PEOPLE, ONE WORLD, ONE GOVERNMENT.

Yeah, Americans,

The Chinese people are doing more for humanity than any other country on this earth. And NO, COVID-19 did NOT start in China. We know exactly where it started. And it will be China that discovers a vaccine that will heal the world.

The United States of America, and its LOFTINESS, deserves everything that's coming. Read their new American scripture carefully. They have already outlined in allegoric and symbolic stories and lessons EXACTLY how the PRIDE of the United States of America is going to fall, and great shall be the fall thereof.

And there's NO BUT ANYWAYS about it.

P.S. Today is Sheri Nemelka's birthday. There is no greater symbolic gift that could have been given to Sheri on February 20, 2022, than when the Chinese firework display spelled out the overall purpose for her existence ... a purpose that she fights and still doesn't quite know how to fulfill:


... For Those with eyes that see and ears that hear.