This is what an LDS group posted.

Here is my comment, which most assuredly, was immediately removed:


Dear President Nelson,

I am a fourteen year-old girl living in Indonesia. I am forced to visit the bars nearby every evening presenting my body to men for sex in order to receive whatever they will pay me so that I can provide the basic needs of my family, which consists of my mother, my 6 siblings, and my grandmother.

President Nelson, how can I "rise above the tasks of the day and the hurdles ahead"?

There are no other jobs in my area, I am forced to do what I do to help my family, so how can I do "more than the deeds scheduled in [my] daily planner"?

I, and many other young girls like me, are forced into prostitution. There is no other daily activity that we can do for our families.

How do the words below apply to our situation?

"You can take the Lord upon you and become more like him. You can rise to your great potential. You can prepare for the future with greater spiritual capacity."


IF you are truly God's only prophet on the earth, PLEASE ask God, on our behalf, how we can change our future and feel His miracles and love.

Yours Sincerely,

Millions of young people just like me.


Second letter to President Nelson:

Dear President Nelson,

While searching online for some help, I ran into a plan that would end child prostitution in a week.

Could you, would you, PLEASE take a look at this plan?

You are a very influential man in this world. You and the church that you lead could use your influence and money to get this plan working for all the young people, like me, who are forced into prostitution in order to survive.

PLEASE, President Nelson!

PLEASE ask God if this plan wouldn't work. IT WILL.