Reynaldo Gutlay

I'm 65yrs old, born January 6,1956. My parent's are Catholic members. We live in the philippines. I'm married. We have five children. They are all male.

When I was 33 yrs old, we joined the LDS church for almost 32 yrs. All my sons served missions in the LDS church. We are faithful members.

The temple endowment made no sense to me and fell asleep inside the room. Sometimes I was awoken by my members.

When I read the sealed book, introduce to me by Mr Alberto Bulseco,my mind was opened. I understand about the temple endowment and it's made more sense to me that the church is not true.

I read the books written by Christopher Marc Nemelka, the True Messenger. I love to read all he posted on Facebook.

I left the LDS church when I read the books. I was persecuted by the leaders of the church. My name is Reynaldo Gerero Gutlay and I always wanted the true light and knowledge from the True Messenger.

Reynaldo Gutlay