My name is Sheryl Anne Huffor Nemelka. I am Christopher Nemelka's ex-wife.

I was married to Christopher Marc Nemelka from 2004 to 2017. I was with him for over 13 years, which is longer than any woman has been with him, intimately, as his wife.

During our marriage, I have witnessed and been exceptionally privy to Christopher's behind-the-scenes behavior—privately away from the public. I have personally witnessed how he behaved in his relationships with others, which, besides being a husband, included those relationships as a son, a brother, an uncle, a cousin, a nephew, and most importantly to him, as a father and grandfather.

I had intimate relationships with other men during my life before meeting Christopher, and I have experienced a few more since our divorce in 2017.

In each relationship that I chose to be involved with a man, I was the one who determined when the relationship became not right for me. I was the one who ended each relationship with all of these men.

My personal strength comes in recognizing how my personal relationships affect my free will and individuality—the ability to always be myself and be true to me. When I have found a relationship that does not add to or support my individuality, I end this relationship.

I fell in love with Christopher before I knew that he had dedicated his life to what is known as a Marvelous Work and a Wonder® ("MWAW").

I learned to love the MWAW because it empowered me and supported my free will and individuality more than any other thing I have ever encountered in my life.

The long story, short, for the reason that I chose to leave Christopher, is that my relationship as his wife was not increasing and supporting my free will and individuality. Being Christopher's wife left me burdened and without the personal empowerment that I have found brings me the most joy in my life.

Because I fell in love with Christopher, first, as a man, before I fully understood his involvement with the MWAW, I found the MWAW to be burdensome and in conflict with my personal desires for happiness, at least the happiness I expected from a relationship with a man as his wife.

Regardless of the negative effect that Christopher had on my personal desires for happiness, in our marriage, I was never mistreated by Christopher, and I enjoyed every minute of his company when it was possible for him to act in the role I expected of him as my husband.

Nevertheless, because I was losing myself and personal empowerment in our relationship, because of Christopher's dedication to the MWAW, I decided to move on and live life without Christopher or the MWAW. I knew that staying involved with the MWAW would not allow me to let go of my love for Christopher as a husband.

In over 13 years of marriage, I have never witnessed Christopher mistreat another person. On the contrary, I have seen the way that he treated his family, his friends, and especially strangers. I have never seen a man more loving, compassionate, kind, giving, sincere, and authentic as Christopher was in all of his relationships with others, in spite of how these others might have viewed and treated him.

Truly it can be said that the true measure of a man is, not in how he treats his friends, but in how he treats his enemies.

I have witnessed many malicious wrongs dealt to Christopher on many occasions by his family and friends, but I have NEVER seen him react in vengeance or without consideration for his enemies' feelings. It can truly be said of Christopher that he loves his enemies and does good to those who persecute him and despitefully use him.

In all of my relationships with other men, none has acted close to how Christopher has acted towards others in times of conflict and stress.

I can truly say, even as his ex-wife, that Christopher Nemelka is the greatest man I have ever met. His dedication to the MWAW is powerful and undaunted. In spite of how hard his role in the MWAW has been, I have never witnessed him shrink for his duties or lay down the "sharp two-edged sword" of Real Truth™ that I have personally witnessed him wield with strength, courage, and resolve.

I have never met another human being who can do what Christopher does, and has done for this world. I have witnessed many, many lives, including my own, change for the better because of his strong dedication to the MWAW.

After over three years of being away from Christopher and the MWAW, I began to develop the self-esteem and strength that a woman needs to find personal happiness. I was dealing with new friends and my family, who were people outside of the MWAW. This time was during the COVID pandemic. There was so much confusion in the world, but I always knew in my heart that the MWAW had the answers. I became very conflicted when I realized that I was away from the MWAW, a place where I knew was the only place I could receive the Real Truth™ about what was happening in the world.

I eventually found my way back to the MWAW and to Christopher, but not as his wife. I am one of his greatest supporters.

Now, I love the work that he does—a Marvelous Work and a Wonder®—more than I do the man who does it.

Although I continue to love Christopher, as any normal woman would, I will never expect anything from him that would distract, dissuade, or take him away from the work that he does.

Upon being reunited with Christopher, I was informed that he was unfaithful during our marriage. I am not naive about what a cheating man is like. Any man who would cheat on his wife once, might cheat again.

From the first time I met him, Christopher informed me that he could and would be with any woman with whom he thought was necessary to benefit him in the work that he does. This did not sit well with me, as it would not with any woman.

I know the Real Truth™ with whom and for what reason Christopher became unfaithful to me as a husband. I now understand why he cannot be trusted to be a faithful husband to any woman.

Christopher has one "bride" to whom he has dedicated his life and soul. I cannot be this bride, nor can any other woman upon this earth.

Although I no longer identify myself as a Christian, because of being taught what the true Spirit of Christ really means, I now understand how Christopher IS like the "bridegroom" and the MWAW like the "bride" in this passage of scripture:

He that hath the bride is the bridegroom: but the friend of the bridegroom, which standeth and heareth him, rejoiceth greatly because of the bridegroom’s voice: this my joy therefore is fulfilled. (John 3:29.)

Christopher's "bride" is and always will be the MWAW.

I am and will remain for the rest of my life a "friend of the bridegroom."

"Because of the bridegroom's voice: this my joy therefore is fulfilled."


Much has been said and written about Christopher's relationship with Ida Smith. False reports claim that Christopher deceived Ida and took all her money and forced her to will her personal estate to him. Nothing could be further from the Real Truth™.

Ida Smith left her estate, her home, and all of her money to me. She gave everything to me, because she knew that I would use it to take care of and benefit Christopher while he was engaged in the MWAW. To this day, I still have my granted power and control over all that Ida Smith left to the MWAW.

Christopher and I first met Ida Smith sometime in 2007. Whenever Christopher had any interaction with Ida, I was usually present. I know how much Christopher loved and respected Ida Smith, and how much she loved and respected Christopher as the man whom Ida recognized as her True Messenger.

I was born and raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). I was taught and learned to revere and highly respect the General Authorities of this church, especially the twelve men known as the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, as well as the prophet of this church.

As I came to know Ida, I found out that she was a direct descendent of Hyrum Smith, the devoted brother to Joseph Smith, the alleged founder of what the world calls Mormonism. I found out that Ida worked for many years around many of the LDS Church's General Authorities, and that she was related to a lot of prominent LDS men. I learned that two of Ida's best friends and acquaintances were United States Senators, Orin G. Hatch, and Robert F. Bennett.

In fact, I was present when Ida told Christopher and me that she had hand-delivered copies of The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon and the 666, the Mark of America books to Senators Hatch and Bennett, and to LDS Apostles Dallin H. Oaks, Jeffrey R. Holland—Ida worked for Oaks and Holland at Brigham Young University—and to M. Russel Ballard (Ida's cousin).

Although kind to Ida, these prominent men felt sorry for Ida and used their (secretly combined religious and political) power and connections to investigate Christopher for crimes that they accuse him of, in order to persuade Ida to stay away from him. They found no just cause against him.

Ida Smith has given the greatest testimony about Christopher that ANY woman could possibly give. Ida rejected ALL these prominent men, even after having known them for the better part of over 50 years, and accepted Christopher as the one whom God had chosen to be a True Messenger.

Christopher does not act in private any differently than he does in public. He has often used profanity and off-colored humor in the way he shares the MWAW with the world. He does the same in private. I have never met a man more consistent in the way that he deals with other people, both in private and in public.

Ida Smith had many opportunities to be alone with Christopher and experience his profanity and off-colored humor, things which the prominent men throughout her life would have never said. But Ida also saw Christopher's incredible dedication to the MWAW, and the equal love he had for ALL of humanity.

Ida Smith spent many years dealing with men whom the world accepts as intelligent, good, popular, powerful, and prominent men. She was able to spend about 7 years around Christopher. And until the day that she died, Ida never wavered in her love and respect for Christopher, while rejecting the men whom the world holds up in prominence. This is the same world that rejects the man who Ida knew with all of her soul was a True Messenger sent by the True God of all humanity.

I am no longer deceived or naive about religion and the effect it had in my own life. I no longer hold any man above me. I will never let a man take away my power and free will to be true to myself, first above all.

I love whom I have become.

But I know who I am.

Here, I join my own personal witness with that of Ida Smith's:

There is no man on this earth like Christopher Marc Nemelka. What he has done for us, through the MWAW, is unprecedented.

I will support him and his "bride" for the rest of my mortal life.

Please do not let negative and false reports sway you from finding out more about the MWAW.

Below is my phone number and email address.

Anyone can contact me and ask me any question about the man who I know is a True Messenger, whose message has the power to change the world, as it has my own life.

I am Sheri Anne Nemelka.

I am proud to bear the name of this man!

(801) 755-5797