The Misinformation Age

Throughout their writings, religious (scripture form) or otherwise, the Real Illuminati®, those now distinguished as those who know, and know that they know—whose brains have the ability to understand things beyond the limited capacity of a modern human's brain—have designated the main cause of human frailty, and the main cause of humanity's demise as: PRIDE.

Pride is not a bad thing. It is the foundation of the human experience, where the human experience is all about the individual and how each person perceives consciousness. If you didn't exist, then nothing would exist, from your perspective. And it's only your perspective that matters. Because, even if others continue to exist after you don't, why would you care? You wouldn't. This is the basis and foundation of one's PRIDE.

Again, nothing matters to human existence more than the individual ... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. It is from this fact that, upon the following code, all human activity should be based and supported:

One should love their Self with all their heart, and with all their soul, and with all their mind. And equally, one should love all other humans like one loves one's Self.

When any society of human beings has existed where the above code is the basis of all of its laws and authority, this society will never fail. If a society is not set up according to this code of humanity, it will inevitably fail.

This planet, and any planet like Earth, where human life can exist, is a place where a singular human society exists.

We call this society: OUR GROUP.

OUR GROUP has had five chances in Earth's billions of years of existence to establish the right form of society, so that we, as humans, can live forever in peace, harmony, and equity. This aggregate (a whole formed by combining several) of people living together in an ordered community has never worked for OUR GROUP.

It's very easy to understand why and how this planet has existed for billions of years.

It takes millions of years for the laws of nature, to which planet Earth is obligated, to undo everything that humans do to the planet. And depending on what humans do while existing on Earth, the time it takes for nature's laws to repair the damage, or rather, return Earth to a primordial state (before human civilization), a time when humans can start over, is tied to the extent of the "damage" humans have done.

Sometimes even the power of Earth's natural laws cannot repair what humans have done.

We have explained that all of Earth's major deserts and arid areas where once great metropolitan areas where ancient human civilizations developed, flourished, and were eventually destroyed.

Consider how the first European explorers and settlers in the New World found the area where the city of New York exists today. The original state of this area was completely green and beautiful:

When current civilization destroys itself ... and ours is headed that way, yet again ... nothing green will grow on the crust of the Earth. It would take a few million years for all the buildings and human-made things to corrode into a carbon-based slurry ... that we call crude oil.

This is why some of the most arid desert areas on Earth (e.g., Saudi Arabia) have some of Earth's most abundant crude oil reserves.

Where these great deserts exist in the Eastern Hemisphere is at the same longitude (East to West)as the Amazon Rain Forest exists in the Western Hemisphere. Why does one region have lots of green, and the other, in the same planet's locale, have only desert?

This does not mean that the Amazon forest was always green and verdant. It just means that no humans have lived there for millions of years longer than in Arabian desert areas.

If humans were to completely disappear from the earth, in a few million years there would be no trace of human activity, or human existence, UNLESS ... AND HERE IT IS FOLKS ... HERE IS WHAT CUTS THE PRIDE OF ALL THE SO-CALLED "LEARNED" ONES LIVING AMONG US ... WHO THINK THEY KNOW, BUT DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ...

Unless, humans KNOW the Real Truth™ about the earth's existence.

The earth exists to be occupied by humans.

IF human society was based on the above code of humanity, and governed by the RIGHT people, humans could live upon Earth perpetually forever.

Because OUR GROUP has a problem with individual PRIDE, OUR GROUP has not yet been successful at creating the right society—one that will last. Each time OUR GROUP has tried in the past, we ended up destroying ourselves, except for a very, very few who escaped into the wilderness, lost all advantages of an aggregated society, and lived in small pockets of isolated enclaves. These small "tribes" killed any other humans with whom they would come into contact, out of fear for their own lives. Mostly, the males would fear losing control and dominance over their female members to other males.

Driven by sex in order to create new human bodies ... something that does not need to be part of a human society ... protecting the ability of a small group of people to succeed, meant that other small groups of people, usually male-dominated, would have to be destroyed, or conquered and added to the victor's group.

Yep, sex is the biggest mistake ancient humans made when it was invented for the perpetuation of the human species. And since the introduction of sex-to-create at the end of the First Dispensation of Human Time, OUR GROUP has never been successful at creating a society that has lasted.

Boy ... I went off on another tangent.

All of these Real Truth™s about human existence will finally be revealed in their fullness when the Real Illuminati® release their final book, The Dream of Mortal Life, Understanding Human RealityA Final Warning to the Human Race.

So, let's get back to the Age of Misinformation.

There isn't one thing ... NOT A SINGLE THING ... that any human has learned, since being educated after living a few years as a little child, that is Real Truth™, or rather, something that will benefit humanity as a whole and help save the earth, AND the human race.

Nothing that humans learn after being a little child adds to the success of humanity as a whole.

Nothing that is learned is based on the code of humanity explained above.

EVERYTHING that people learn is based on the first part of the code—love one's Self with all of your heart, soul, and mind. NOTHING that we learn is based on the second part, which is just as important to a successful human society as the first part: loving other humans with all of your heart, soul, and mind.

Do you like sports? Did you compete in sports? When you did ... What? did you try to lose to your neighbor, so that this other person would feel equally valued and as loved as you? Or did you try to beat (win) your neighbor (whom you call your competitor)?

In business, what is it that you're trying to accomplish? Do you really care about what your business is doing to any other human being?

Let's say, for example, that you sell shoes.

Let's say that your desire to set up a shoe shop is not to become extremely wealthy, but to just have enough so that your family can live comfortably, so you don't have to work 12 to 16 hours each day. Do you care, in the least, about the other humans who make the shoes that you sell? Do you care that these other humans have to work 12 to 16 hours each day to make the shoes that you sell, so that you and your loved ones don't have to work so hard?

And what about selling shoes versus making shoes?

Have you or your spoiled children visited the manufacturing factory that makes the shoes that you put on a shelf, take off the shelf, let another person try them on, then take the person's money? Would you rather sell shoes or make shoes? What would you choose?

We could write books about how much YOU LOVE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY and couldn't care less about LOVING YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOU DO YOURSELF ... volumes!!!

Above, I wrote,

There isn't one thing ... NOT A SINGLE THING ... that any human has learned, since being educated after living a few years as a little child, that is Real Truth™, or rather, something that will benefit humanity as a whole and help save the earth, AND the human race.

EVERYTHING that humans have learned since being taught as little children to adulthood, is MISINFORMATION ... ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!

In the first book of their Trilogy, the Real Illuminati® explain three of the world's main religions, their involvement in each, and what each religion actually is.

Where is the critic? Where is the "learned" one who DARES to step up and dispute what they revealed in, The True History of Religion?

Where is the "learned one" who DARES to discuss religion ... especially the so-called "learned ones" who espouse a religious belief?

I love watching the show, Dr. Phil. This guy thinks he's smart. He tells his audience that he is. Just watch his show, and he'll tell you how long he's been a "learned one," and how much experience he and his "experts" have in the psychological fields in which they have been trained.

I would LOVE to be invited on his show, but with the agreement that our conversation be taped, not edited, and shown to the world.

Of course, his producers can advertise the show as, Dr. Phil Takes On A Member of the Real Illuminati®.

Dude! Just think what type of audience he would have! Jesus Roosevelt Christ! He would rake in the viewing audience!

But if you think that Dr. Phil would put his intelligence up against ours, think again.

Here's how part of the discussion might ensue, IF Dr. Phil agreed to air the episode live, no editing:

DR. PHIL: I've been in this business for about 45 years. I've been trained in many fields of psychology. I think my expertise and degrees speak for what I have to say. What are your qualifications, Mr. Christopher?

CHRISTOPHER: You got me, Dr. Phil! I don't have any of your training or qualifications. My best qualification, which I don't think they give a certificate or degree for, is common sense. Let's explore your common sense versus what you learned from all those years of study.

DR. PHIL: Okay. But I have a right to give my expert opinion to anything that you say. Agreed?

CHRISTOPHER: Absolutely! I wouldn't want it any other way! Do you believe in the Bible, Dr. Phil? Specifically, we have heard you say that you were saved and accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, when you were a teenager. So, do you believe in the WHOLE Bible, or just in the parts that support your proclamation of "Being Saved"?

(Now, since I don't know what his actual responses are going to be, all I can do is give my line of questioning. And one can fill in the blanks for Dr. Phil. But, as I wrote, there is no way on God's green earth that Dr. Phil is going to allow me on stage with him in a live, unedited format ... no way! But anyways ...)

CHRISTOPHER: If you believe in the Jesus story, you must accept the rest of the Bible stories as truthful and factual. We've heard you refer to Adam and Eve to your public audience. I think you once referred to them as "our first parents." Come on, Dr. Phil, all of that psychological training and you still think that the human race started with two white people in a garden being tempted by some kind of a serpent. Come on, Sir! If so, can you explain to your audience where the darker-skinned races came from? And if you believe that you will be saved in heaven by Jesus, when you die, are you going to look like you do now ... or like you did at your handsome best with hair (come on, give me a smile)? If you are going to look like the best you did growing up as Dr. Philip McGraw, then that means that all those darker-skinned people, and all the people that are not quite as handsome as you ... that means that all of these people will look like they do in this life, they will be much darker than Adam and Eve, and less handsome than you. And because "our first parents" were made in the image of God, much darker than God. Is that what you believe? And that Great Flood, and all those animals that were saved a couple of thousand years ago. Did that really happen, Dr.?

Dr. Phil is an admitted Born Again Christian. He is known for confronting religious fanatics and idiots on his show ... some who believe they have a special calling from God ... by quoting from the Bible.

Yeah, the chances of Dr. Phil allowing me to confront him are next to nothing. I would destroy the poor man. No ... Let me rephrase that:

The Real Truth™, common sense, would destroy Dr. Phil, and every other "learned one" like him.

The "Dr. Phils" of this world would rather kill me to silence me than confront me in person.

And thus it has always been with every True Messenger when each has confronted the "learned ones" of their particular day.

The "misinformation" is everywhere. Some of the greatest thinkers say:

Don't believe anything that you hear or read, and only one half of what you see.

Consider how our mortal brains work.

Here are a few examples of how COMPLETELY DIFFERENT our "fallen" mortal brains operate. These are just a few examples, there are many, many, many others.

In this first one, some people hear, "Laurel," and other people hear, "Yanny":

In this one, you either hear, "Brainstorm" or "Green Needle":

In this one, some people see a Blue-Black dress, and some see a White-Gold dress:

What happens is, that the first thing your brain hears or sees, is what you will always see or hear, unless you concentrate hard, or learn to train your brain to not hear what it heard before, or see what you saw before.

Most little children will hear and see just one thing, and they will not hear or see anything else.

I'm pretty sure that most of you have done the above tests, and it's UNBELIEVABLE that someone else hears or sees something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than you do.

So, who is right and who is wrong? Ah ... here it comes ...

Everyone is right. Which makes everyone wrong.®

In order to know the Real Truth™ about anything, you must ask a person who has an advanced brain, or at least one that has not been compromised by how mortal bodies are currently created and have been created since the end of the First Dispensation of Human Time that ended almost 5 billion years ago ... give or take a few million ... and what's a few million to a THOUSAND million, which is just ONE billion. Right? But anyways ...

I know two modern humans who have a brain like the ones that humans had when humans first started experiencing life upon Earth. I had these two listen to the above words and look at the dress. Guess how they responded? ... I bet you would want to know ... Okay. Here's how one of them responded, which was for the other also:

"Ask a little child."

There ya have it! Go ask a little child who hasn't learned the art of giving misinformation to others. Yep, a little child who has not been taught to speak or to be rewarded or punished for what the child hears or sees.

But Christopher! How is the child going to communicate the child's choice to us?


Recently we wrote that the Chinese vaccines for COVID-19, the ones that are not manufactured synthetically with RNA, are more reliable in treating COVID. And then, ... Oh my ... here comes the misinformation from the media!

Some media outlets started reporting that "Yanny" was the only word heard; that there was no way that anyone could hear "Laurel"!

In other words, these few news media outlets started reporting that the Chinese vaccine wasn't as strong and dependable as the American-made ones, or the ones made in other countries by American-based pharmaceutical companies.

So ... You have a large, poor country like Brazil that cannot afford to give all of its impoverished people an expensive American-made vaccine. So ... Brazil asks the Chinese for their help, a country that is producing large quantities of an inexpensive vaccine (made naturally using the egg-technique ... different than the RNA synthetic technique) that it gives to its RATHER EXTREMELY LARGE POPULATION, mostly of impoverished people, FOR FREE!

Then Pfizer and AstraZeneca companies, which are two of the largest companies in Brazil, find out that the Brazilian government is starting to give people the Chinese vaccine.

So ... what do you do? This is what you do:

Brazil researchers report 50.4% efficacy for China's CoronaVac COVID-19 vaccine

And ya gotta make sure you have the above picture to go along with the story, so that people can SEE that you know what you're talking about. Right?

What about these so-called "researchers" that released this report? Who pays their salaries? Oh, dear! Pfizer and AstraZeneca! Go figure!

I'm going to say it again ...


Thank God that we have True Messengers so that we can wade through all the "misinformation" that is being tossed around into the minds of some of the stupidest humans that have ever existed on Earth. Yep ... Are you reading these words? Then this would include YOU!

I posted the following picture about "Misinformation".

In the picture, ALL THREE OF THE SECRET COMBINATIONS OF POWER that spew misinformation are represented: politics, religion, and business; i.e., the most powerful human on Earth in politics, who is also very wealthy in business, is holding up the source of the GREATEST DECEPTION OF MISINFORMATION ever created and perpetuated in this Sixth ... and last ... Dispensation of Human Time: the Bible.

So ...

Because you're all that stupid, and you believe what you read and see, then for the sake of Jesus Roosevelt Christ Almighty, believe and see this:


And that there, FOLKS, is no bullshit MISINFORMATION!!!

Prideful it may be!

Do I have a white shirt on, or a blue shirt?

Do you hear what is coming out of my mouth as "Laurel" or "Yanny"?

But anyways ...