Sundry thoughts, Garden Park, moving on from Sheri, my dear friend and companion, Julie

I recently was involved, from a distance, with some drama involving a few people, whom I hoped would have learned from the Real Truth™ to do things to make their lives better. I had a hope that they would be a great example of how wonderful the MWAW is, and what it can do to improve a person's life.

I was going to expose these few people and publicly reveal some of their acts and proclivities to show how far from being a good person some are, who find the Real Truth™ and use it as a crutch to hobble along through life without allowing it to heal them so that they can walk straight and upright. What I know of them, had I revealed it in public, would have embarrassed them.

I chose not to do this. But I do choose to publicly talk about the Garden Park Condos, located in Orem, Utah, and ban the following people from hanging around, coming to, or in any way harassing, abusing, or having anything to do with the people who live there: Kindra Wild, Nick Barrett, Sigurojón Einarsson (Siggy), and Burke Bluemel.

These few are NOT welcome at Garden Park, unless, one day, if possible, they COMPLETELY change the way they treat each other and other people. They are not good people, when a 'good person' is someone who does not cause drama for others, is not mean, jealous, paranoid, delusional, or maintains a mindset that is not consistent with equality, peace, and harmony with others.

(NOTE TO THESE FEW: I have no interest in discussing what I know about each of you, with any of you, about your little games and secrets. If I hear one more thing about any of you involving yourself with what I do, who I am, or with those whom I depend on to support the work that I do, I WILL publicly explain why I have written these things, and why you are banned from visiting Garden Park for ANY reason. Please, do not cause me to have to waste valuable time and energy dealing with your mental weaknesses.)

I am not going to spend another second dealing with these individuals.

I have learned over the years that any time I personally intervene into someone's life, always with the intent to help them, it has ALWAYS turned out bad. Believe it or not, thinking that you can intervene in someone's life to save the person is a VERY narcissistic thing to do ... believing that you're smarter than their True Self (their God), and can act in some way that will help them in their life. I have NEVER helped any person, EVER, when I have intervened in ANY way in the person's personal matters, no matter how noble my intent or compassion. I will NEVER AGAIN intervene to change the course of an individual's mortal life, UNLESS something I personally did negatively affected the individual ... NEVER, EVER AGAIN!

Yeah, I know, not wanting to help another in the time of their need seems mean and selfish. Right? Yes and no. What I did and when I did it, was not asked for by the person. I offered. When a person asks, that opens up the question, why did they ask? But then, I question, why do I care? Who do I think that I am that my help and intervention would be good?

Let me give you an example of how wrong it is sometimes to help a person, even if the person asks: My sister, Leslie.

My sister became addicted to drugs and lost her desire and ability to work and care for herself. She complained that her well-off brothers were not helping her. I felt sorry for her and started giving her money. Leslie became dependant on the money I was giving her, and with the money, she would buy the drugs that she needed. She would sell drugs to get money to buy the drugs she needed to feel good. (I even bought some of her drugs to give her money, so that she wouldn't sell them to someone else.)

Now, here's a cool government program that could be implemented:

Buy the drugs from the lowest level drug dealers, who sell drugs, so that they can buy drugs for themselves. Open up FREE Drug Rehabilitation Centers where a person can go to have their own small, furnished apartment, get whatever drug they are addicted to for FREE, and as pure as it can be, then offer them help and support, but ONLY if they want it, to fight the drug addiction. Otherwise, the crime that is involved because of addiction is going to affect the rest of society. If society does not want to be affected, then set up a FREE, comfortable place that drug addicts can come to and feel loved and supported (not judged as a criminal), so that the drug addict can make the choice of improving their life, or dying from drug use. The idea is to keep the effects of drug use from affecting other people. But, what do I know ... Oh, my, what I know ... But anyways. Back to Garden Park Condos:

The late Ida Smith was never married and left her Garden Park Condo to me, because of the work that I do. She wanted her condo to be used for the work. After her death, with the help of Denton and Sydney Thiede, under the direction of Kurt and Monica Smith, who run the Thiede's business, we were able to purchase the condos next to Ida's and sell each to a person who is dedicated to the Marvelous Work and a Wonder®, The Humanity Party®, and the Real Illuminati® ("the work"). Over the years, we have been able to purchase and sell almost all of the condos in one particular building—in what is called the Garden Park Condominiums, Orem, Utah—to someone devoted to the work.

When I am in the United States, I stay at Garden Park, wherever I can find a room not being used in any of the condos owned by those who have purchased them. A few years ago, a few people got together and purchased Ida's condo from me, so that I would have the cash to move to Europe. It was their intent, and their promise to me, to allow my mother, Diane Heath, to stay in Ida's condo for the rest of her mortal life, surrounded by some of the most sincere and kind people on this Earth.

My mother is the one to ask about the kind of people her neighbors are. She has been around a lot of different people during her many, many years on Earth, mostly around those of whom she did not feel comfortable. She is a good judge of character, and would be the one to ask about the difference between most of the people she has known throughout her life, compared with those with whom she associates who are involved in the work.

It has always been one of my deepest desires to see if the "True Order of Prayer" (See SNS, page 181.) was possible upon the earth, during the time of this "lone and dreary world,"(SNS, page 81.) i.e., mortal life.

Let me explain:

In the Real Illuminati®'s 1842 play—that became corrupted and is now the LDS Church Temple Endowment—there are two forms of "prayer" mentioned. One is called, the TRUE order of prayer, or rather, the way that humans should properly pray, where prayer is the way that people worship God. This "true order" is presented after the scenes that depict current mortal life upon Earth, or the way that mortals are living upon the earth today.

This TRUE ORDER OF PRAYER is presented in the Terrestrial Room. The symbolic acts of this room depict human life upon Earth, after the whole of humanity returns to living as we did during the First Dispensation of Human Time—which was depicted earlier in the play as the Garden of Eden—which is a manner of living that is more consistent with our True Self—the person we were before we were born upon Earth as a mortal, who is the same person we will still be after we die.

This advanced person (our True Self) is presented in the first scene of the play as the equal god, Michael—an advanced entity equal to the other members of a singular Godhead that includes Elohim and Jehovah. (This Godhead was figuratively inserted in the play to represent one's God, one's True Self, and the three cognitive parts that make up one's self-completeness.*

*"... God himself shall come down among the children of men, and shall redeem his people. And because he dwelleth in flesh he shall be called the Son of God, and having subjected the flesh to the will of the Father, being the Father and the Son—The Father, because he was conceived by the power of God; and the Son, because of the flesh; thus becoming the Father and Son—And they are one God, yea, the very Eternal Father of heaven and of earth." (See the Real Illuminati®'s New American Scripture, the Book of Mormon, Mosiah 15:1–4.)

False and corrupt teachers who misuse the Book of Mormon might claim that the above is talking about Jesus Christ only. They will always default to the bogus story of the First Vision that Joseph Smith was mandated to give the corrupt people who had already rejected the pure lessons of the Book of Mormon for a organized religion. In many parts of their new American scripture, its authors refer to Jesus Christ, the Father, and the Son, as just ONE GOD—"yea, the very Eternal Father of heaven and of earth." (ibid.)

If Jesus Christ is both the Father and the Son, because of the spirit and the flesh, respectively, why would it be any different for the rest of us? It is not any different. Their 1842 play meant to present this Real Truth™. As we have explained, where the first scene has the god Michael being put to sleep so that he can experience mortal life upon Earth, the original last scene showed Michael being awakened. What happened to his Adam, Eve, and Lucifer experience? Well, this is why Brigham Young deleted the last scene and changed a bunch of things, as also did the corrupt and unwise LDS/Mormon leaders that followed Young.

Michael is put to sleep and dreams of experiences as Adam, Eve, and Lucifer, first in the Garden of Eden, then, after being kicked out of the Garden of Eden, in the lone and dreary world that represents current mortal life on Earth.

The Terrestrial Room experience, the part that comes after the "lone and dreary world," (SNS, page 81.) which is presented in what is called in the play process as the "Telestial Room," is HOW HUMANS ARE SUPPOSED TO LIVE UPON EARTH.

When the Terrestrial Room is presented, the characters Adam and Eve are still playing parts in the play. These characters, who represent all mortals, have gone through the "lone and dreary world," (SNS, page 81.) and are introduced BY TRUE MESSENGERS into, not a different world or place, but to a different way of life meant for the Earth experience.

This happens AFTER the True Messengers confront Lucifer and cast him away from them. They do not cast Lucifer off of the Earth, but only away from them. They had to cast Lucifer away from them, BEFORE they were able to take Adam and Eve into the Terrestrial Room, in which the characters Adam and Eve are joined on the stage with many couples in the audience. It was meant that ALL the people in the audience come on stage to participate in what is presented as the TRUE ORDER OF PRAYER.

The audience comes upon the stage ... and this is how it was presented originally by Joseph Smith in 1842 ... and forms a circle. Originally, there was no separation of the genders. It didn't matter who stood next to who in the circle. After a few original presentations, Joseph found that members of the audience would usually come up on stage as couples, having been influenced by the "Adam and Eve" character couple that was representing each of their Earth life experiences. But it really didn't matter who stood next to whom.

The people were taught the TRUE ORDER OF PRAYER. The blind and deaf Mormons who see this play every day, do not catch on to why it is referred to as the "true" way to pray. They forget, or refuse to see, that the way that Adam and Eve were praying after they began to live in the lone and dreary world (mortal life), was actually the FALSE ORDER OF PRAYER, that ALWAYS resulted in Lucifer listening to and answering ALL MORTAL PRAYERS ... ALL ALWAYS!

It is shown to the audience that when people pray by kneeling down with their head bowed, their eyes closed, and addressing God with the words of their mouths, IN EVERY INSTANCE, the ONLY entity that hears and answers them is Lucifer, the god of this world. The characters that play Elohim and Jehovah do NOT hear any prayers, nor do they pay attention to what is going on in the "lone and dreary world." (SNS, page 81.) The ONLY means of connection that "the Father" and "the Son" have with the dreaming god Michael, as Adam and Eve, is through chosen True Messengers.

This is SO CLEAR in the presentation! Yet, the millions of modern LDS/Mormons who view this play in their temples have eyes that do not see, and ears that do not understand. It's amazing how ignorant these people are! But, without the Real Illuminati®, who are these True Messengers, those who were once blind and deaf would not see and hear.

As the people are asked by the True Messengers to join Adam and Eve upon the stage, they are told,

"Only the best of feelings should exist in the circle. If any of you have unkind feelings toward any member of this circle, you are invited to withdraw so that the Spirit of the Lord may be unrestrained."

Let's revisit my comments above about the four individuals I mentioned.

Each of them, at one time or another, sometimes together, have been at the Garden Park Condos. EVERY TIME, for the most part, that they are there, "unkind feelings" that make others uncomfortable exist. Usually, sexually based. This I will say about these four: They have no control over their sexual natures and desires. What I know about their sexual natures, that no one else does, is appalling to my own sense of comfort. And I'm pretty liberal about these things. It's not about what kind of sex they like, or how they enjoy sex, it's about the interaction between the four and how their sexual relationships with each other affects the peace and harmony of others living at Garden Park. (For now, that's all I'll say about that, UNLESS, any one of them causes problems for me or others involved in the work. If any does, I will expose their Lucifer, and cast that mutherfucker out away from us!)

These four have a proclivity of great deception. They can deceive others, but they cannot deceive me. Their passive-aggressive natures are out of their own control. Because they have no control over their own mortal weaknesses (Lucifer), the potential of these affecting those who are doing all that they can to pray in the true order is greatly enhanced.

A brief explanation of what caused me to mention them in public:

I had hoped that if I allowed Kindra Wild to stay in the condo that I stay in when I am in the States, that maybe, just maybe, being a part of this circle of people trying to pray in the true order, would help her cast out her own demons. If I had actually been there, I would have cast her out probably the first week she was there. But I wasn't there. Again, it was my hope that, like my mother, if Kindra was exposed to these people, she would change. I was wrong.

I intervened in Kindra's life when I should not have. I should have NEVER offered her a place to live. Again, I am not going to give all the details, UNLESS any of these four bring attention to themselves, in ANYTHING regarding this work. I do not want to see any of the aforementioned people, refer to, or in ANY way associate their social media platform with ANYTHING to do with me and the work. They don't even know how great of a liability each is to the work.

As my dear companion, Julie L. Taggart, referred to gossip on her social media page, as "those with itching ears and loose tongues," I am "casting out the Lucifers of these four" in the same way, for the same purpose that I "cast out" some of those who were very close to me at the beginning of this work. When these original few couples came around, "the Spirit of the Lord" went out the window, usually for similar reasons that the aforementioned four caused this spirit of love and unity to not be present. Maybe these four should join the others "cast out" and form their own religion and group. It happened in Joseph's day, so why not to me ... But anyways ... It's their pride, their Lucifers, that were cast out ... and Thank God!)

But anyways ... back to the 1842 play:

Again, the Terrestrial Room, which was referred to in the original play, that was originally shown in just one room, as the "Terrestrial Scene," was meant to refer to the people on Earth listening to the True Messengers and changing the way that they acted while living upon the Earth.

After the True Messengers cast out Lucifer, the play presents the True Messengers teaching the people "the Law of the Gospel as contained in the Book of Mormon and the Bible." This part in quotes is how it was presented originally. About 1990, the corrupt LDS/Mormon Church changed this part to say, "the Law of the Gospel as contained in the Holy Scriptures." This corrupt religion needed to include the words that came through Brigham Young and the later leaders of Young's church, including the Doctrine and Covenants that was changed to conform to that corrupt doctrine that Young wanted the members to believe.

The complete and "fulness of the everlasting Gospel" is given in the Book of Mormon and the Bible, succinctly and word for word in Matthew, chapters 5, 6, and 7, and in the Book of Mormon as 3 Nephi, chapters 12, 13, and 14. There is no other part of any "Holy Scriptures" that was originally referred to in the 1842 play.

This "gospel" teaches people how to treat each other in preparation for the people to enter the "Terrestrial Room," or, go on to the next scene, the "Terrestrial Scene." Keep in mind, that the word "terrestrial" means: relating to life upon Earth ... nothing more ... nothing less.

In order for this world to be transformed, people must be taught how to properly treat each other. First, they must be taught and learn to live the "Law of the Gospel," which is a simple and straightforward code for humanity to follow in order to get along, and so that "only the best of feelings" exist among them. Once humanity has this down, then people are ready to start praying in the true order, which basically means uniting as one, where all are seen as equal, and where all support each other, and where no member of the circle takes advantage of any other.

According to the symbolic nature of the play, once humanity starts treating each other correctly, only then can they start praying correctly. When you think about it, if you live in God's presence, why would you bow your head, close your eyes, and talk to God? Why not just ... TALK TO GOD, if you're in God's presence? If you were in God's presence, you would not pray, nor would you sit at God's feet and worship God. Why in the world would God want you crying at his feet, worshipping him, when God would want you to be happy and enjoy life with eternal glory and the power of an equal god with God! But anyways ... I get pretty tired of trying to convince people that each one of them is an equal god, so that's all I got for that right now. Back to the endowment play:

After the True Messengers cast Lucifer out, then teach the people the "Law of the Gospel," the people are prepared to be taught the True Order of Prayer and be "presented at the veil" to receive "further light and knowledge" from the Lord. The participants are introduced to the veil and presented as being "true and faithful" to everything that the True Messengers have asked of them.

Now, I saved one last thing, for last. Because it is this thing that is problematic for the aforementioned four individuals, as well as the others whom I have cast out of our presence (Davises, Rohs, Bensons, Fergusons, etc).

It's the part of the play presentation that is often overlooked and not understood. After all that was presented in the play, after all that was taught, there is ONE THING that keeps a person from being able to join a circle of people where "only the best of feelings should exist in the circle."

It is what caused those whom I have cast away from me to "have unkind feelings towards [others] of this circle." It is the thing that causes "the Spirit of the Lord" to leave EVERYONE who is involved in this one thing.

It is the one thing that must be restrained and controlled, or completely eliminated in order for a large group of free-willed humans to get along and create the proper society upon Earth, in the Terrestrial Room.

It is the thing that has caused great nations to fall, that has led civilizations to their destruction, that causes more problems for humanity than ANY OTHER THING.

Here's how it is presented in the 1842 play, as a mandate given to the True Messengers from Elohim, to whom the True Messengers always return and report what is going on with humanity upon Earth:

ELOHIM to JEHOVAH: ... Instruct Peter, James, and John further to give unto Adam and his posterity the Law of Chastity, and put them under covenant to obey this law, which is, that the daughters of Eve, and the sons of Adam shall have no sexual intercourse except with their husbands or wives to whom they are legally and lawfully wedded.

It's amazing how modern corrupt Mormons understand this very important part. They believe that the word "intercourse" refers only to the man sticking his penis in the vagina of a woman. Oh, it means, much, much, much more than that! The word "intercourse" had nothing to do with sex when the word was used from its original Latin and Greek derivatives. The word means: communication or dealings between individuals or groups.

The way that the Real Illuminati® used it meant ALL SEXUAL DEALINGS OF ANY KIND BETWEEN INDIVIDUALS OR GROUPS. It means any act that is performed when the body or mind is affected by the lust of sexual need, which doesn't exist in a human being as a little child. But when the hormones kick in and it begins to affect the body ... Well, there is NOTHING THAT DESTROYS HUMANITY MORE ... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

The Law of Chastity was the final law given in the endowment play presentation. There were no other laws after this law was given.

Sexual lust causes jealousy, co-dependency, and selfishness that leads to possessiveness. It does not exist in our real world, not in any way, shape, or form like it does here upon Earth. There are very few, very, very, very few advanced humans who will ever experience the sexual feelings and what the orgasm does to the brain, after humans are no longer living upon Earth.

And now, here's the crux:

Humans will not be able to live upon the earth properly as long as sexual desire exists.

Unless humanity becomes like little children and learns to get rid of their sexual natures, OUR GROUP of humans assigned to this solar system will experience our own SUPERNOVA. Yep, our solar system and ability to have the "Terrestrial Experience" will be gone forever ... worlds without end ... at least according to our existence as the advanced human beings we were before we came to Earth, and who we will be when we die.

So, with all that was said above, I announce that Julie L. Taggart is my choice for a mortal companion for the rest of her, or mine, whichever comes first, mortal life. We choose not to have a sexual relationship. Why should we? It would only cause problems, and not allow us to exist with others and try to establish, at least at Garden Park, a life upon Earth like little children.

I will never get over Sheri. She is my Queen. It was my own foolish sexual nature that caused her to be jealous, that caused me to lose her. I can only wish that she finds a man who deserves her. Sheri, above all others, has sacrificed more than anyone else. She could have me still. But she knows her own emotional limitations, which include sex and jealousy.

It is my desire to live with Julie at Garden Park while I am in the United States. It is my desire to be around the incredible people who live there, all of whom are trying to pray in the true order more than any group I have ever experienced.

Garden Park is the place where I long to go when this world gets me down and I need a bit of revitalization and uplift.

I hope that those living there will not allow others to come around who do not fit in with "any member of this circle." If I can trust that the Garden Park residents, which now includes Julie living in the place where I usually stay, will not allow anyone to be at Garden Park, at ANY time, who is not part of this circle, then it will bring me peace and give me some hope that what I have sacrificed my life for, what our Sheri has sacrificed for ...

... Is a light on a candlestick for all the world to see.

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