The dead Russian soldiers are the actual heroes.


Biden says America will ban Russian oil; U.S. says up to 4,000 of Putin's soldiers have been killed

The dead Russian soldiers are the actual heroes.

Here's why:

Most of these Russian soldiers died in convoys that stood still while Russia waited for civilians to leave the cities to be attacked.

At any time, the Russian military could have sent in its Air Force to clear a path for the ground troops, which is good military protocol.

While waiting for the civilians to escape, the Russians were ambushed by the Ukrainians—like fish in a barrel.

That's all about to change because of how many Russian soldiers who have died needlessly waiting in convoys to proceed.

When Russia starts using its Air Force like it's supposed to be used—to clear pathways for ground troops—the Ukrainian soldiers hiding in residential areas, near hospitals, near schools, yeah ... pretty much hiding behind innocent civilians and shooting at the Russians ... won't have a chance!

Of course, Western fake news isn't going to report how patient and civil the Russian military has been, thanks to Putin. It doesn't fit their desired narrative.

Yeah ... the Real Truth®.