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Tanya McKee Devany

Until I first read this book, I had no idea so many people have such hideous lives. I grew up seeing them on tv - completely desensitised, assuming nothing could be done to change things.

Christopher Nemelka

Tanya McKee Devany Think about it:

You and your family were part of 80 million people throughout the world (1% of the world's population) who didn't think about anything but doing what your Religious god expected of you, which at that time, didn't have anything to do with worrying about poverty throughout the world.

The religious rituals, ordinances, and busy work kept your minds focused on what you thought was the only thing needed for your salvation ... Again, all of which had NOTHING to do with helping end poverty.

I am glad we helped you join the right team ... FINALLY!

But anyways ...

P.S. It would be nice if you found some important quotes from the NAS book about this "busy work" that religious people do that distracts them from doing anything worthwhile. Unless, the quotes might offend your family and friends. If so, I guess you're not quite on our team yet.

Diana Britt

Which book is this chapter 8 in? I downloaded the large print version of the recent book published but it did not have this chapter.

Monica Smith

It’s found in:

666, The Mark of America—Seat of the Beast: The Apostle John’s New Testament Revelation Unfolded

Found online FREE here: