The Real Illuminati® Confronts the Bible's Racism

I helped put together an initial Introduction for their book, A New American Scripture. After they reviewed it, they asked me to include more information about how they confronted the Bible's racist views in the composition of their Book of Mormon. To do so, I reviewed over 100 pages of notes I had received from them.

Boy, someday, I wish, I hope, they give me permission to release all of their notes. But what good would it do? Few listen to what they have to say anyways.

So, here's what I took from their notes and added to the book's Introduction about racism.

The Mormons who think they know and understand the Book of Mormon, especially as it is explained to them by their scholars and leaders, are about to receive a bit of a wakeup call.

Not one person, not even among those who have followed the Real Illuminati®'s work through me for many years, has ever made the connections about racism that this new information makes.

Mormons believe and teach that if you are not a direct descendent of the Jews (from the house of Israel) you can be adopted into the house of Israel by way of the tribe of either Ephraim or Manasseh.

What the Mormons do not realize ... incredibly, not a single one of them realize this ...

The houses of both Ephraim and Manasseh carry the "blood curse," the "curse of Cain," the curse responsible for dark-skinned people.

Yep, this is the absolute truth that no Mormon receiving their patriarchal blessing considers.

There was a very good reason why the Bible's Joseph had to ask his dad, Israel, to adopt his two sons into the house of Israel. They were not "pure bloods," so they had to be adopted. They were "cursed bloods" through their Egyptian mother.

So, all you Mormon priesthood holders out there who have been adopted into the house of Israel through the lineage of Ephraim or Manasseh, you might want to go back and see your Stake Patriarch, and have him put that Sorting Hat back on your head.

Because every, single one of you actually belong to ...

The house of Slytherin!

You racists hypocrites!

Read and learn the Real Truth™!


(to A New American Scripture--How and Why the Real Illuminati® Created the Book of Mormon)

Why we wrote a new scripture in the early 19th century for the European Americans migrating to and settling in the Western Hemisphere is very important to understand. Why we wrote the Book of Mormon will be much easier to explain, and in less words and detail, than the specific details of how we wrote it.

We wrote our new scripture to confront, and hopefully control, the pride and ego of the people who were responsible for developing the United States of America—especially, the pride that leads to racism.

The early European Americans were very racist. Racism divides humanity and disenfranchises a particular group (race) of humans solely based on the color of their skin. The Eastern Hemisphere was long divided into areas of power and control, specifically based on race.

At the time European explorers began to travel outside of the Eastern Hemisphere, their nations (Spain, Portugal, France, and England) held great power and dominion over all other societies.

The white-skinned nations were able to advance in technology and innovation much faster and more efficiently than the darker skinned nations of the Orient, of the Middle East, and of Africa.

Some might argue that Oriental and Middle Eastern societies had made great advancements in their particular histories, as well as the advancements made by the ancient Egyptians. This might be true to some extent, but none of these other nations of the Eastern Hemisphere survived long enough to become the great powers of influence and control that the white-skinned European nations eventually would become to dominate upon the earth.

It would be the white-skinned nations that would eventually discover the greatest power that exists: nuclear power. With this new technology and understanding, nothing stands in the way of the human race eventually understanding, controlling, and dominating all of nature’s laws. Hopefully, for the benefit of the entire human race, not just for the benefit of the powerful and controlling white-skinned few.

European pride was responsible for the religions that were invented and used to control the lighter-skinned people. If God’s people were white, and if God started the human race with two white people, Adam and Eve, then God intended for all humans to be white. If God intended for all humans to be light-skinned, then there must be a good reason why darker-skinned races exist. And since the white God controls everything on Earth, then the white God must have done something to allow the darker-skinned people to arise.

During the great power and dominance of the Greek and Roman Empires (all-white societies), the stories about the supernatural gods began to surface.

Racism was not as prevalent and as divisive to the ancient Greek and Roman philosophers and scientists. Darker-skinned people were more equal, but different than the lighter-skinned Greco Romans. In fact, the beauty of the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra, whose ancestry was both white and black, inspired the idea that the mixture of the races could create the most beautiful humans.

It wasn’t until a small group of white-skinned people became separated from their ancient Babylonian roots that the color of one’s skin became important.

In the ancient Babylonian Empire, there were two main centers of commerce and government: Babylon in the north, and Ur in the south. The people of Babylon were prideful of their economic successes and were more affluent than their neighbors to the south. Ur had financial problems. The pride of each city caused a considerable amount of discontent and divisiveness. This eventually led to the Babylonian Empire’s downfall (circa 600 BCE).

During the Persian takeover of that area of the world, many Babylonians fled. There was a particular family of great wealth and influence residing in the ancient city of Ur. That family fled into the Arabian desert. They wandered aimlessly in the wilderness for many years. Destitute and on the brink of starvation, the family eventually made its way to Egypt where there was plenty of food and water. The family offered to become Egyptian slaves in exchange for help and a place to live. The Egyptians (a dark-skinned race of a mixed black and white heritage) gave the family some land east of Egypt, which is modernly known as the state of Israel.

The oral stories that were passed on through generations of this particular family were based on the pride and ego of the family patriarchs. They could not justify to their posterity how they ended up the way that they did, under the control of a dark-skinned race.

Alexander the Great, a white-skinned relation to their ancestors, eventually freed this family from their obligation and contract with the Egyptian government. Feeling a sense of salvation and victory over the darker-skinned Egyptians, this family began to invent stories that made their family the most important family on Earth—God’s chosen people.

From these oral histories, the Hebrew Pentateuch (Torah, the five books of Moses) was eventually created by Greek writers, shortly after the Macedonians (Greeks) conquered Alexander the Great and that part of the world.

Once incorporated into, and protected by, the powerful white people of the Greek and Roman governments, this family, once uncertain about its value to the rest of the world, and having traveled extensively throughout the Middle East, became known as the Hebrews (Greek: Ἑβραῖος; Latin: Hebraeus). This name was given to them by the Romans. Largely left alone, as long as they paid their tax to Rome and obeyed Roman law, the Hebrews begin to flourish in their land, which the Romans called the “Levant.”

Hebrew stories were the epitome of pride, ego, and especially racism. It was from the Hebrew stories where the idea originated of God being white and creating the white-skinned Adam and Eve as the parents of the human race. It was pride and ego of the people, inspired by the few who wield power and control over them, that created all forms of religious belief. And no religious belief has caused more problems for humanity than the Hebrew’s. It is the main source of all racism that exists on Earth today.

We wanted to counter racism and present a new idea—that the entire human race, regardless of skin color, belonged to the same family unit. To do so, we had no choice but to work behind the scenes and come up with a logical narrative that the powers that control the human race would believe and accept.

The Hebrew stories evolved into Christian stories, and then Islamic stories. The later white European nations had embraced Christianity as its power and authority, so we concentrated our efforts entirely on the Hebrew stories of the Bible that created racism in the first place.

Dovetailing the Hebrew idea that God was white and that this god created two white people to populate the earth, we had to present a storyline that contained the proper nuances that supported this racist idea. We used the most popular form of the Hebrew scripture accepted by the powerful European nations: the King James Version of the Bible.

We had to prove that ALL dark-skinned peoples came from Adam and Eve, through the lineage of the most important character in the Hebrew mythology: Abraham.

An interesting fact is that when the Greek authors were helping the ancient Hebrews put their oral histories on paper in a way that made sense, the Hebrew priests responsible for telling the stories had a problem explaining how the genealogy of their family unit could be traced back to the time when the Hebrews claimed God had created the earth and placed Adam and Eve upon it.

There were too many ancestors missing from their oral histories. To the relief of the Greek writers, who couldn’t have cared less whether or not the Hebrew stories were true or not … they were paid good money to write the oral stories … the Hebrew authorities simply applied various years of age to their ancient ancestry to make their genealogy fit with more modern timeframes. Methuselah was the oldest at 969 years.

The six generations back to Adam all had patriarchs that lived close to 900 years each. Enoch was the only exception. Enoch, according to Hebrew mythology, was taken by God at about 365 years old. As the characters of their oral stories started to fit in with the more modern written histories of other cultures, the Hebrew’s great men started dying at the age that everyone else in the world was dying.

There should be no doubt to an honest and rational mind that the Hebrew stories that constitute the Bible are far from reality. But be it as it may, we had to come up with the proper storylines that fit the Hebrew narrative accepted by the powerful Christian European nations. It was our intent to prove to the Christian people that all races, regardless of skin color, are from the “same house.”

Because our idea was first envisioned to help the early Americans see the darker-skinned native Americans as belonging to the chosen house of God ( the house of Israel), we started with a story about the native Americans’ ancestry. We tied their existence into the Bible narrative that was widely accepted as a historical fact: the rise and power of the Babylonian Empire, just before the house of Israel was destroyed. In every way possible, we tied the Hebrew myths to contemporary historical events that many accept as a true history.

(It is important to note here that ALL annotated and recorded history is not the Real Truth™, events as they really occurred in the past. All of history is the prejudice of the recorder.)

Regardless of the veracity of any reported historical event, the Bible is accepted as truth. It was on the Bible that we were forced to confront the pride that created racism.

We took the Bible story of the darker-skinned grandchildren of Jacob (Israel), Manasseh and Ephraim, and started our new American scripture there.

Joseph was white. The Egyptians were of a darker-skinned ancestry, a mix of the darker skin of the sub-regions of Africa and the lighter-skinned northerners that traded with Egypt for many years. Joseph’s wife was Egyptian. Therefore, Joseph’s only two sons were of black heritage.

According to the Hebrew stories, anyone with black blood could not receive the same priesthood blessings as the pure blood of the house of Israel. Joseph’s wife’s blood was cursed with the blood of the ancient son of Adam and Eve, Cain, who slew his brother Abel.

To present and offer empirical evidence that the native Americans were actual descendants of the house of Israel, yet possess a darker tone of skin color, we chose our storyline’s characters from the house of Israel, who had darker skin in their DNA.

Our first attempt at presenting our original storyline had our main character’s family descendants of Joseph’s son, Ephraim. Ephraim was younger than Joseph’s first born, Manasseh. Because Joseph’s sons both had the “bad blood” of the dark-skinned races, Joseph asked that his father, Israel, bless his two boys and officially adopt them into the house of Israel. Joseph wanted his oldest son to be granted the birthright blessing always given to the oldest son. Israel refused and placed his right hand on the younger Ephraim’s head, telling Joseph that Ephraim “will be greater than [Manasseh], and his descendants will become a multitude of nations.”

The Bible story places the younger Ephraim above the elder Manasseh, but is perfectly clear that both have the “cursed blood.”

When we allowed our chosen messenger to present the first part of our original storyline to his family, friends, and peers, in order to monitor their reaction to the way we wanted to present the beginning of our story, we realized that using Ephraim in the genealogical lineage of our main character caused some concern for a few Bible scholars who valued their personal heritage as pure blooded of the untainted, white-skinned part of the house of Israel. They were confused by Israel’s prophecy that the descendants of Ephraim would become a “multitude of nations.” The native American peoples were not considered a “multitude of nations” to the few early American Christians who peer reviewed our original storyline.

We had properly satisfied, we assumed, the probability that the native American people could have darker skin because of their lineage back to the darker-skinned sons of Joseph, but we were surprised by the attack on, and resistance to, our narrative in regards to the sparse tribal associations of the native Americans, compared to Israel’s prophecy that Ephraim’s house would become a “multitude of nations.”

To our chagrin, a few of the peer review group had a problem with the association we made with our character, Lehi, and Ephraim. Because of this and other problems, that others of the first peer review group had with our original storyline, we were forced to later change the narrative so that it was more believable and palatable for these racist American Christians.

We did not expect the issue of ancestry to become a further problem once we removed our initial book of Lehi, and replaced the narrative of our story’s beginning with the book of Nephi, Lehi’s son. We underestimated the pride and racism of the American people who would continue to peer review our book.

Ultimately, we had to make a concession. Knowing that the early readers would no longer have access to the original beginning of our story (i.e., the Lost 116-page Manuscript), we changed the ancestry of our main characters to Joseph’s son, Manasseh, thus eliminating the problem the reader might have with the native American nation not fulfilling Israel’s prophecy of becoming a “multitude of nations.”

Even so, few, if any of the readers of our new American scripture, the Book of Mormon, realize that the characters intended for our story possessed the “bad blood,” the dark-skin potential through the ancestry of Joseph’s dark-skinned sons. ...

(End of excerpt from Introduction.)

... And it came to pass, that the dark-skin curse was passed to the saints of the latter days. And they became dark, even darker than those whose skin received the mark. .... But anyways .... that was my own verse. Sigh ...

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