These words are SHARP and TRUE

I don’t like the woman who wrote this. I love her, but do not like her; and I choose to have nothing to do with her; for both of our sakes.

But her words are SHARP and TRUE.

The last verses of scripture she quotes are from The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon.

The words below are her words, not mine.

But in sharing them, I have made them mine.


By now it should be no secret to anyone that the absolute richest Church in the world is the LDS/Mormon Church. If you don’t believe it then look it up on Wiki, where you'll also learn it is one of the richest institutions.

It's also no secret that the Church is headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT. This is where you'll find historic Temple Square.

In the 10 months since I moved out of downtown Salt Lake, I was stunned to visit there today and see that the homeless population has exploded!

In the very short time Pres. Nelson took office (Jan 18, 2018), he has announced the locations of a shocking 83 more temples! Thirteen announced at the last General Conference and the 28th to be built in UT.

This should be a clue that the Church is bleeding members. And as tough as it is for members to hear, temples are their business model (income) and missionaries are their sales force, which is why they are building many more.

It was the late Ida Smith who was responsible for adding the 4th Mission of the Church in 2009 ~ to care for the poor. She was excommunicated for just reading a “damn book.” The Church was so threatened by this little old lady that they removed the Women’s Research Center from BYU that she started and directed.

If you haven’t yet, you may wish to listen to her conversation (or read the transcript) with the self-admittedly “not very general authority like,” Jeffrey R. Holland, that she took upon herself to record. She was widely criticized, condemned and abandoned by her former LDS friends for it, but as she told me personally, “No one is going to believe the word of a woman, over the word of one they believe to be an apostle of the Lord.” Sad but true.

Lest you think the Church cares for their own poor and needy members, then read their own Ensign magazine article entitled “Sacred Transformations” (12/2012*). Where the Bishop counseled his poor ward member, who wasn’t allowed to take his wife and little children to the temple because he wasn’t a full tithe payer, “Even if you can’t afford to feed your family, pay your tithing …”

Wasn’t that the same year* they announced the $2 BILLION MALL (Babylon), you know, “Let’s go Shopping”? Busily stashing their $100+ BILLION portfolio, which was finally exposed in the Washington Post Dec. 2019? And paid Bain Capital “a LOT of money to assess how the Church was run,” since the Lord refused to tell the Brethren, himself? Of course, Mitt’s inspired counsel was to have the Church fire the paid employees like gardeners, janitors, etc., and call them on “service missions” …

This was so the Church could gain free labor from their valued members ~ you know, the ones required to go hungry, work hard, do busy work and make sacrifices ~ so the Brethren can continue to maintain, among other things, their generous standard of living that includes a 6-figure stipend, all expenses paid new car every other year, all expenses paid travel, free comprehensive healthcare, clothing allowance, their kids and grandkids are allowed to attend Church colleges and universities for free, and other incredible perks and benefits they all enjoy. “Lay ministry”? Hardly!

How many homeless shelters or soup kitchens do you think the Church has built in UT that consists of soon to be 28 income producing temples, ignoring their own scriptures and why the Church remains under condemnation to this day (D&C 84)?

Exactly 000000000 ~ ZERO!

Or how many of their chapels, that have largely been sitting vacant during the pandemic, have they opened to house the homeless that daily roam, sleep, eat, and (YES) relieve themselves on the streets of Salt Lake City, while the Church “saves the dead”? 0

That would be funny if it weren’t so abhorrent. Reminds me of some scriptures I read a few years ago:

47 And because your church prospereth exceedingly, yea, even above any other church that is built up among the children of men, ye have become a rich and powerful people in the world. And the money that hath come from this prosperity, that should be going to the poor and the needy, the sick and the afflicted, and those that are imprisoned; yea, ye use this money to build up houses of worship which ye go to on one day a week and which are left empty for the rest of the week when they could be used to help the poor and the needy in their afflictions.

48 And if I could stop from condemning you before God, that ye might repent without searing your souls further with the heat of my words, I would. But I have seen the great temples that ye have caused to be constructed. And these ye have constructed to present the Holy Endowment that hath been explained unto you herein. And they are full of the fine things of the world, evensomuch that ye have received much praise from the world because of them.

49 And ye enter into these temples and think that ye are saviors of men, even that the endowment that ye receive is necessary for your salvation. And even this is not the end of your pride and your abominations before the Lord; for ye also believe that the work of your hands, even the work that ye perform within these temples will save those who are dead, which thing is most abominable before God.

Monica Smith

AUDIO Recording of Telephone Call – 10:50 am, 12 June 2007, Ida Smith & Jeffrey (Jeff) Holland

Monica Smith

Transcript of Telephone Call – 10:50 am, 12 June 2007, Ida Smith & Jeffrey (Jeff) Holland