" ... we would have given them The Sealed Portion as a positive reinforcer of their actions."

Rodney Vessels

September 7

Roberto Regurgitated

We know what you have done and we will show the world how fake your real Illuminati is

Andrew Burridge

Roberto Regurgitated What I believe you are trying to say is "Thank You, You're Welcome."


Dwayne Johnson - You're Welcome

Christopher Nemelka

Roberto Regurgitated

Good luck.

Get your best, your most intelligent, and have them schedule a public debate with me ... Anytime ... Any day.

And we will see who is falsely illuminated, and who is truly and REALly illuminated.

Do you think anyone is going to take a guy named "regurgitated" seriously? You're a fool.

Prove that you are not.

Schedule the meeting with Monica Smith, the publisher of the Real Illuminati®'s books.

Or, run away and troll something else.

Monica Smith

Roberto, you can email me at melbagirl2001@yahoo.com or send me a PM on Messenger to schedule the public debate any time.