What would Jesus have to say about the Ukraine Russia Conflict?


The Ukraine Russia Conflict and the Fall of the United States of America Please Take Time to Listen

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS/Mormons) are taught that the most important Priesthood Ordinance, necessary for eternal salvation, must be received in the temple during the endowment ordinance. However, most of them do not know that the original endowment presentation has been changed drastically since the murder of Joseph Smith, when Brigham Young took over the leadership of the LDS/Mormon Church.

Here is a part of the ORIGINAL ENDOWMENT presentation that many have not seen:


LUCIFER: Have you been to college and received training for the ministry?

PREACHER: Certainly! A man cannot preach unless he has been trained for the ministry.


What might it have been like if we were alive when Jesus was living and preaching upon the earth?

The stories about him don't teach that Jesus had been to college and received any training to do what he did.

What if Jesus were real and actually existed as the stories in the Bible present?

Would he have sounded like the politicians, scholars, and "learned" men, who are honored in this world for their college degrees, or the way that they speak and pronounce words?

Why was Jesus hated so much by the majority of people, who listened to their religious, political, and business leaders?

Wasn't it because what Jesus said confronted and confounded the leaders in whom the people had placed their trust, the people who had power over the people?

Does anyone want to know the Real Truth®?

Would anyone listen to someone who didn't graduate from college and has never been trained, who appears to be a simple man, a down-to-earth man?

Did anyone really listen to Jesus? Didn't even his closest friends and companions end up betraying him? Didn't he lose most of his followers? (See John 6:66.)

Recently, the Real Illuminati® allowed me to reveal some things about what is happening in this world that no one has ever considered before. I introduce and explained some of the technology that China is working on that will eventually cause the United States to fall ... "and great shall be the fall thereof."

The end of the prominence and power that the United States has held in the world since the end of World War II will begin with how the U.S. responds to the conflict in Ukraine.

Many people believe in Jesus Christ.

What would Jesus say about the conflict?

How would he counsel to end the conflict?

I am here to warn the world.

My name, Christopher, actually means "Bearer of Christ." I know what Jesus would say if he were a real person alive today.


What would the majority of Ukrainians say about being part of Russia or part of the EU?

The western media makes us think that that Ukrainian people want to be part of the EU and NATO. This is a lie!

What if the Ukrainian people really knew the issues, the pros and cons about joining either side? What would they REALLY choose?

In this video, I explained that it all comes down to simple people living simple lives and worrying about how they are going to heat their homes during the harsh Ukrainian winters.

Now this:


Metres from Russian separatists, some Ukranians feel indifferent

“'We are not scared of a change in authority [i.e., being under Russian control],' said Natalya, a pensioner who lives by the riverbank. 'Perhaps gas prices would be lower if the separatists came here.'"