Who won the debate?

There were about 130+ people who joined the Zoom portion of last night's debate, most of whom were once as staunch LDS/Mormon as Robert Gurr, my opponent.

Mr. Gurr presented extraordinary evidence of what most of these 130+ people were once like as active and faithful members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ... ABSOLUTELY EXTRAORDINARY!

So, Folks, now that you have video evidence of how YOU once appeared as an LDS/Mormon member before finding the Real Truth™ that has set you free from such a corrupt form of religion—i.e., from the chains of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that held you captive ...

Is there ANY of you who wishes to return to acting and believing in the same things as Mr. Gurr does?

We couldn't have asked for a better representative of the LDS/Mormon religion than Mr. Gurr.

Who won the debate?

Gee, it's kind of hard to determine what the debate was actually about after listening to Mr. Gurr's testimony of his religious beliefs.

If you haven't seen the FULL debate, watch it.

As you watch it, ask yourself this question:

Would I rather be in the Celestial Kingdom of God with people like Robert Gurr, or in the Telestial Kingdom of God with people like Christopher?

After being reminded by Mr. Gurr of how blind, deaf, and passive aggressive LDS/Mormon people are, I'll take my place ... according to LDS/Mormon doctrine ... in the lowest kingdom of God (Telestial) with the Holy Ghost overseeing all the humor and partying going on, while the Celestial people are doing all that important temple work with Jesus.

Oh wait ... Jesus Christ is not going to reside in the Celestial Kingdom of God with the Father. He's assigned to the Terrestrial Kingdom (the middle kingdom) ... according to LDS/Mormon doctrine found in Doctrine and Covenants Section 76.

Thank you, Robert Gurr for an EXTRAORDINARY example of how these people once were! It was truly EXTRAORDINARY!

I'll take being "thrust down to hell" (see LDS Doctrine and Covenants 76:84) any day over residing in a place where a faithful member of the LDS Church, of which Mr. Gurr gave us an EXTRAORDINARY EXAMPLE, is going to spend eternity... ANY DAY!

So, all you followers of the Real Illuminati®, I have a question for you:

While watching the debate, was there any point when you said to yourself,

"Maybe I made a mistake about reading the books published by the Real Illuminati®, and I should consider going back to church"?

Or did you say to yourself,

"Thank God I am no longer deceived, so that I no longer appear like Robert Gurr did!?"

You may answer in the comment section.

What a debate! Right?