Why I want nothing to do with the Nemelka family.

The short answer is, because there is nothing good about my family ... nothing that benefits all of humanity.

Like many family units, the Nemelkas are really into their own family units.

For many years, I tried my best to allow them to be just my family. I made many attempts to just get along. But as I saw the next generation of Nemelkas grow up, I realized that none of my children, none of my nieces or nephews were good ... again, for all of humanity. I saw pride, where there should have been humility, because Nemelkas think that they're really smart ... and they're not ... not a single one.

It's in believing that you're a good person, when you are not, that actually makes you not so good. Because, if you think that you're good, then you won't change what you are doing, thinking that it is good. Then what you do continues to do what it does: nothing good. And again, this has to do with how the members of my family affect the rest of humanity ... and it's not good ... nothing about these people is good.

I have no doubt that they will be greatly offended by this post. But if I ever wanted anything more to do with any of them, I wouldn't be so direct.

Like most of the world, the Nemelkas are hopeless. I have witnessed no goodness in any of them.

Perhaps they might say, "So, you think you're better than us?"

And finally, I'll respond as I should:

Yep, I do.

My uncle, Richard "Dick" Nemelka, died recently. In his heyday (late 60's, early 70's), Uncle Dick was probably the most popular person in the State of Utah. He was a basketball standout, and played a short stint in professional basketball (former ABA). He was a successful attorney for almost 40 years. For most of his life he was a devoted LDS/Mormon.

After he died, the Nemelka family held a "celebration" of his life, and asked for people to submit a joke that Dick might have told (he was quite funny), or a positive experience. NOT ONE of the people gathered at that celebration knew my uncle's true self. Every one of them based their love and experiences about Dick on what he gave each of them, personally. NONE OF THEM really KNEW HIM.

Just a few years before he died, Richard S. Nemelka, wrote and published a book about how he truly felt about the religion that had deceived him his entire life. Uncle Dick used the same publisher that published the books associated with the work that I do.

Here's the book:

This book isn't funny. There's no joke about it. It tells Uncle Dick's true feelings about a religion that had deceived him for most of his life. Yeah, his thinking was greatly affected by what I do with the Real Illuminati®. He and I spoke for many hours about many things. I knew his true heart better than most. I knew why he didn't speak out much about his true feelings. Unlike me, he loved his family and didn't want to hurt their feelings.

No one mentioned Uncle Dick's book at the "celebration" of his life. No one spoke about his intense desire to see changes in the world to make it a better place for all people. My uncle hid behind his jokes. He hid behind his kind nature, a nature that even he admitted was not so kind at times during his life.

By publishing this book, my uncle did more good for humanity than anything ... ANYTHING ... that he had done for more than 70 years.

In my late experiences with my uncle, I found some hope for the Nemelkas. After he died, I realized that he was the ONLY one. There were no others. Where I had continued a relationship over the years with a special brother, sister, cousin, and aunt, I realized that these would now become part of the type of humans whom I will fight against for the rest of my life ... humans who care little about anyone or anything else outside of their own family unit.

I had to write this post to let any Nemelka know that I no longer have any interest in communicating with any of you. So, don't try to contact me and reestablish bonds that are no longer there.

I work for humanity, not for a family.

We'll meet again, in our real world. Then and there, there will be no reminiscing about being Nemelkas. Again as eternal advanced human beings, why would we want to reminisce about an experience that was not good ... that did not do ANY good for all of humanity. The reminiscing would put us in a state of hell.

The Nemelkas are thieves, according to how it is explained below. The Nemelka family is a good example and the epitome of wickedness ... see below.

And I can boldly tell the Nemelka family, that, except for the book that he published as Richard "Dick" Nemelka, just before he died, NOTHING that this incredible advanced person's mortal avatar (Dick Nemelka) did for a few mortal years (70 plus) while on Earth, was of any good ... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Because many believe that I wrote The Sealed PortionThe Final Testament of Jesus Christ (the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon), then below is what I believe about the Nemelka family unit, as well as all family units. This part explains why, if we were to ever reminisce as advanced humans about our experience as Nemelkas, we would be in a "state of hell".

Since the death of his mortal avatar, Richard "Dick" Nemelka, this now eternal advanced human, hasn't given one thought, not a second thought of energy to ANYTHING that he did or to ANYONE with whom he was involved during his mortal life. Why would his eternal Self worry anything about just one of many, many, mortal experiences?

Sorry to pop your Nemelka bubble and confront your "Santa Claus" beliefs ... but it's my job.

Below is why the Nemelka family is of no good. The excerpts below start out with Adam speaking to all of his posterity after they had divided themselves upon the earth and were causing all kinds of problems ... according to the Real Illuminati®'s sealed portion ... Uh, the RI would be the Three Nephites and John, the Beloved to all ya all Mormons who read this:

(Beginning of excerpts.)

TSP20:27 And if ye had all things in common, like it was in the beginning; yea, even like unto the church that we have established for your instruction, then there would be no thieves, because there would not be anything to steal. And if the things of the earth had no value, then why would ye keep unto yourself more than what ye needed to sustain your lives?

28 And ye are beginning to establish borders and fences among you. And how do ye think that ye can do these things and comply with the commandments of God? Behold, the earth is not ours to own, for we will soon die and leave it to another and take none of it with us. Then what is the cause in which ye think ye are justified in the ownership of land, which doth not belong to you?

29 And if it doth not belong to you, then ye are thieves who claim it as your own. And if ye are thieves who have claimed it as your own, then ye give the right unto others to enter in among you and take that which is not yours to have. And this will be the cause of much war and contention among you. And with these wars and this contention cometh the anger that the Lord hath commanded us not to have in our hearts.

30 And this desire to own that which is not yours hath caused you to divide yourself throughout the land into families and communities. And when ye have thus divided yourselves, ye cause your thoughts to center on your families instead of on all people, who are your brothers and your sisters. And this family unit shall be the cause of much heartache and contention among you.

31 For ye have begun to believe that your families are more important than the rest of your brothers and sisters, who are your neighbors. And because ye believe this, ye shall concentrate all of your efforts on acquiring the things of the world to care for your family in the flesh. And your children shall become selfish and centered in themselves because of the example of the things that ye have shown unto them.

32 And they shall begin to think that they have no other brothers and sisters, except those with whom they share the same parents. And they shall begin to believe that their family unit is better than that of their neighbor, and that they should put their own family and its needs above the needs of their neighbor.

33 And this belief shall cause pride to overcome them; and they shall begin to think of themselves above all others who do not belong to their own family. And because of this pride, family shall fight against family for the land that ye have divided amongst yourselves for the purpose of providing for the needs of your own family.

34 And ye shall believe that your needs are greater than the needs of your neighbors. And ye shall withhold your substance from your neighbors, and justify the withholding of your substance, because ye believe that if ye give unto them, ye shall not have enough for your family.

35 And because of this family unit in which ye have divided yourselves, ye shall begin to put even more value upon your own lives in comparison to the lives of your neighbors. And ye shall strive to be rich and have more than others. And in your desire to be rich, ye shall make many of your brothers and your sisters—yea, even your brothers and your sisters before God—poor.

36 And ye shall begin to teach your children to focus their lives on learning the ways of the world, that they might get gain therein, and receive the honors and praises of men for the gain that they have received. And your children shall begin to search for gold and silver, and for fine linens, and all the fine things of the world. And they shall make these things their idols, for they shall fall down before them and worship them, in that their hearts and desires are continually focused upon them.

37 And ye have already begun to teach your children that these family units are sanctioned by God, and that it is the most important unit among you. And ye believe that the things that ye have acquired of the world are the blessings of God, and that He hath given you these things because of your righteousness in your families.

38 But I say unto you, these family units are an abomination before God. Behold, they divide the children of God against each other and cause the spirit of God to withdraw itself from you. And when the spirit of God hath withdrawn itself from among you, then ye are left unto yourselves. And when ye are left unto yourselves, Satan beginneth to have power over you.

39 And when Satan hath power over your hearts, he beginneth to convince you that that which is evil and of him, is good, and that which is good and of God, is evil. And in this way he misleadeth you and lulleth you away into carnal security, carefully leading your souls away from God and down to hell.

40 And this hell is not a place where ye shall go after this life, for all of us will return to the spirit world from whence we came. But this hell is a state of being which is either on this earth, or in the spirit world.


TSP 50:18 But this thing is an abomination before the Father who hath created all of His children to be equal in all things. For behold, if ye separate yourselves into families, ye are not equal in all things, but think more for the needs of your families than ye do for those of your other brothers and sisters who are not of your own family.

19 And now, the commandments and words of Christ which he gave unto his disciples concerning the evils of this family unit is one of the things which was taken out of the accounts that ye have before you by those who organized the canon of scripture that ye have in the Bible. And they did not include these things therein because they were already unequal in their dealings with their fellowmen, and dedicated to their own family units, thus making an attempt to hide their abominations from the eyes of the world.

20 And this thing, or the family, hath been suffered by the Lord since the beginning because of the will of the children of men to divide themselves in this way. And because the children of men divide themselves in this way, he hath given specific commandments at times for the benefit of these family units, which are set up according to the free agency of the children of God.

21 But because they create such inequality among us, they are not part of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and cannot be found in any of his commandments that pertain unto our salvation, and will not be part of the kingdom of God in any manner once we are dead.

22 For I have already explained unto you that in the glories of the kingdom of our Father, there existeth no male and female, except it be in the Celestial glory of the Father. And if there is no male and female, then there can be no man and wife. And if there be no man and wife, then there can be no children who pertain unto this man and wife. Therefore, the eternal family doth not exist, except it be in the kingdom of the Father as I have explained it unto you.

23 But this eternal family to which the elect of God shall belong is not divided into husbands and wives, but is a kingdom of brothers and sisters who are the children of the Father and our Eternal Mothers, even a holy Order of individuals who are one with the Father and the Son.

24 Therefore, all of those who dwell upon this earth have no children in and of themselves. For behold, are not your children still your brothers and sisters in the eyes of the Father?

25 I say unto you, that they are your brothers and sisters; and after they have passed through the days of their infancy and childhood, which time hath been given unto them that ye might have an example of the love of the Father; yea, even after this time, they shall be mature adults like unto their parents; and the relationship that they once had as a child and parent, will be no more among them. But the relationship that they have as brothers and sisters before God shall be with them forever.

26 And the things which Jesus taught were plain and forthright concerning the family unit and the wickedness which it causeth among the people. But many of the things which he said concerning it were taken out or excluded in the record of scripture that ye have already among you.

27 Nevertheless, there are some indications in the records that ye have among you of his teachings, and it is this that the Lord hath commanded me to explain unto you, so that there might exist no more contentions among you concerning these things which ye already accept as the words of God.

28 And Jesus did not teach that ye should not love your mortal sons and your daughters, who are your spiritual brothers and sisters before God, neither did he command you not to love those of your families, but he taught that besides them, ye should love your neighbors as you do them.

29 And he knew that the gospel that the Father had sent him to teach would be the cause of much division in the family because of the equality that the Father expecteth from all of His children. And of this equality Jesus spoke as he was about to send his apostles into the world to preach the gospel of the Father unto people.


TSP 85:48 And ye of the latter days shall be continually deceived by those who are your leaders, and ye shall not notice the ways in which Satan shall take control over you and bind you with the chains of iniquity.

49 And ye shall begin to wonder of what cause is your wickedness before the Lord. And have I not been plain in my words? Have I not given unto you in plainness the reasons for your great wickedness? Yea, doth not this record cry forth unto you in plainness, that ye should not be deceived and wonder any longer?

50 Yea, your family units are the beginning of your wickedness before the Lord. And I have already shown unto you the great wickedness that can arise by separating yourselves into these family units and forgetting to love your neighbors and doing unto them what ye would do unto the members of your own family.

51 And because of your love of your families, ye shall seek for the riches of the earth to give unto them that their lives might be easy and blessed with happiness, as ye suppose.

52 And as ye seek for that which will sustain your families, ye suffer the poor and the needy and those whom ye have caused to be imprisoned because of your families and your desires for riches, to pass by you that ye notice them not because ye are concentrating on your own family.

53 And ye want your own family to be protected; therefore, ye shall support your governments in their wars that are waged against the families of other nations, who also are children of the same God as ye all are.

54 And ye shall justify the righteousness of your wars against them, because ye are led to believe that they are a threat to your own family.

55 And if ye followed the plan of God, then ye would realize that these other nations are of your family, and therefore, ye would not take up arms against them to destroy them. And your wickedness before the Lord doth not end with your families, but it beginneth with your families.

56 And because ye have isolated your children away from the rest of their brothers and sisters, which are all the children of God, they shall begin to believe that they are a special people and that they deserve to be treated better than those who are not of their own family.

57 And they shall seek for the things of this world, which ye have taught them shall give unto them the happiness that they desire. And they shall not care for another if he should die; yea, if the death of a brother or sister in God doth not affect their lives and their happiness, then they shall not take notice of this death.

58 But if a member of their own family should die, then they shall suffer in misery and sorrow for the loss that they suppose hath affected their own happiness.

59 And now, it is in acquiring the things of the world that the children of men shall cause the most sin among them. For it shall come to pass that the people of the United States shall have an abundance of all that which they desire.

60 And they, being a small number of people in comparison with the rest of the other nations of the world, shall consume upon their lusts and greed more than all other nations.

61 And when they shall sit down at their tables and partake of the food that they eat, they shall take no thought of him who made possible the food that they eat, even that which they need to live.

62 For the poor among you shall work in the fields under the heat of the torrid sun and harvest that which ye need for your nourishment.

63 And then these poor shall return to their houses after working all the hours of the day trying to provide for their own sustenance by the wages that ye shall pay them to harvest the food for your own bellies.

64 And their houses shall not be like unto your own, but shall be of a poor construction, because of their inability to earn that which they would need to have a house like unto yours, because ye have kept back from their wages that which would give unto them of these things.

65 And ye shall think of them as those that do not deserve that which ye are blessed with because of their words, or the lack of the knowledge that they would need to be one who deserveth to sit at a table made of the fine things of the earth, even as a rich man who laboreth not for that which he eateth.

66 Behold, how many of you of the latter days are willing to labor in all the hours of a day in the heat of the sun to obtain the food that ye need to sustain your lives?

67 I say unto you that none of you who are rich shall have a desire to do this thing, but thinketh that this type of work is below the dignity that ye have supposed for yourselves.

68 But I say unto you, when the Lord cometh in the glory of the Father, he shall employ himself as a laborer in the fields amongst those who are his friends and whom he loveth because of their humility and love for him.

69 And these are those of whom he hath spoken when he said that the poor, and the meek, and the lowly of heart shall inherit the earth and sit in the houses that are left desolate by the rich, even those of you who would not labor by the sweat of your own brow to provide your own table with those things that ye would eat.

70 And now, there shall be many of you who shall read these things and shall think in your hearts that ye do another type of work that is important to the world, instead of working in the fields to produce the food that ye do eat.

71 But I say unto you, of what importance is the work that ye do? Do ye do anything that produceth that which ye need to sustain your lives, even that which can feed you, or clothe you, or provide you with a shelter from the natural elements of the world?

72 I say unto you that ye do not employ yourselves in any of these things that would sustain your lives. And if ye were to do one of these things, then ye would not be rich, for ye would not have the glory and honor of men, which is that which ye would need to be given of those things that have made you rich.

73 For it shall come to pass that this great beast of the latter days shall place a value upon all aspects of the lives of the children of men.

74 And there shall be a value placed upon all the things of the earth, even a value that shall be determined by the merchants and the leaders who shall fornicate lavishly with the whore of the latter days.

75 And this great beast of which John hath given you an example in his words, which ye have among you in the Bible, and also of which I have given you an explanation, shall set a value upon the whole world because of the wickedness that shall issue forth from its mouth.

76 And this great beast of the latter days, of which John hath written, shall begin to prosper and spread its borders throughout the entire land of my fathers, and Satan shall begin to introduce many powers of the eternal laws of nature into the minds of those men who shall take these powers and control them for their own gain.

(End of excerpts.)

Goodbye Nemelka family! Please do not try to contact me again.

See ya ... wouldn't wanna be ya ... worlds without end!

But anyways ...