Why the world hates Joe, Me, and the Real Illuminati® so much.

There are countless people in this world who think they know truth.

Among these countless, many think that "God" has given them a special mission to tell others what "God" tells them to tell others.

These fools ... who know not, and know not that they know not ... call themselves prophets, seers, revelators, messengers, channelers, conduits, the enlightened, gurus ... there are so many different names.

During the summer of 1820, a young kid living in upstate New York, started telling many of "these" that they were wrong; that they didn't know anything about Real Truth™; that everything that "these" were telling others was bunkidity: "bunk" combined with "stupidity."

Young Joe didn't exactly confront people and call them stupid. But he could have.

Instead, he played it cool and used a technique that all True Messengers who do not disclose their true identity (or rather, do not disclose what they really know) use:

The Socratic Method of Teaching.

But let me simplify a clear definition of this method for those of you who haven't had the time in your life to study the philosophies of men.

This method of teaching begins by the teacher telling the student that the student is stupid and doesn't really know anything of worth or value to humanity, without the student thinking that he or she doesn't know anything of worth or of value to humanity.

I have a great amount of respect for Joe as a young kid. Somehow, after his transfiguration, he was a natural.

I certainly wasn't.

Joe was a natural at using the Socratic Method, because he hadn't received the formal training that I had received from other sources in the world.

By the time of my own transfiguration, I had been Deacon's Quorum President, Teacher's Quorum President, Priest's Quorum President, and Elder's Quorum President. These are all church positions that boys and men can hold after they receive the Holy Priesthood of God, which is basically, the ability and power to represent God on Earth ... Yep, quite an ego boost to a young kid.

In High School, I was the Senior Class President. After High School, I attended college for a short time and was elected Dorm President, and even called by God to be the Stake Activities Director for our college stake. (A "stake" in the LDS/Mormon religion is a group of "wards." A "ward" is another name for a local congregation ... and the world uses the term "ward" in another way ... in a mental hospital ... But anyways ....)

I served a mission where I was a District Leader. I came home from my mission and served in the U.S. Army and was selected as a Platoon Leader in Basic Training.

So, obviously, the world saw something in me that I certainly didn't see in myself. I hated any type of leadership role, quit most of them, and those that I didn't quit, I certainly didn't do a very good job at. I absolutely hated telling other people what to do and how to do it.

By the time Joe's young brain was transfigured to know and understand the Real Truth™ about all things, as things really are and as things really were in the past, he had no leadership experience.

I had all kinds before mine was.

It's ironic.

Joe had no worldly leadership and was expected to become a great leader of people.

I had all kinds and couldn't be more uncomfortable having people see me as a leader or as anyone above them. (For this reason, during most of my tenure as a public representative of the Real Illuminati® I used a lot of profanity and humor ... much of it perverse ... in an effort to not be anyone of importance.)

And my scheme worked.

If a person found the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® (MWAW) and began to study its books, and then the person started to concentrate on the messenger more than the message ... Yeah, that person didn't last too long following the MWAW.

Joe became a popular worldly figure, highly respected among even his critics and enemies, although the respect was as an artful and adroit conman.

Even so, Joseph Smith, Jr.'s name has been noted well in the annuls of World History.

And my name? ... Who the hell knows who Christopher Marc Nemelka is?

The world knows nothing about me.

And if one were to do an Internet search on my name ... well ... Yeah, go ahead and do it and you will find out how the world sees me ... there is a worldly perception of me being crazy, that I rather like, and in which I rejoice ... it keeps me unknown and secure.

Supporters have tried futilely to get my name listed in the world's premier source of bunkidity, Wikipedia, only to have the listing rejected time and time again.

Where Joe was a master at the Socratic Method of teaching, I sucked at it.

I just wanted to tell people that they're all stupid because they believed in bunk.

After Joe was recruited by the Real Illuminati® (around September 1823), he was taught by them for almost four years before he was ready to help them write their new American scripture.

A part of LDS/Mormon history that is more often than not overlooked ... or completely ignored, because no Mormon leader or historian can properly explain it ... is what happened between September 1823 and the time that Joe was allowed to begin "translation of the gold plates."

Joe's 1838 "official" history, actually penned by the Real Illuminati®, explained that when he first tried to take the gold plates out of their hiding place,

I made an attempt to take them out, but was forbidden by the messenger, and was again informed that the time for bringing them forth had not yet arrived, neither would it, until four years from that time; but he told me that I should come to that place precisely in one year from that time, and that he would there meet with me, and that I should continue to do so until the time should come for obtaining the plates.
Accordingly, as I had been commanded, I went at the end of each year, and at each time I found the same messenger there, and received instruction and intelligence from him at each of our interviews, respecting what the Lord was going to do, and how and in what manner his kingdom was to be conducted in the last days. (Pearl of Great Price, JSH 1:53-54.)

Joe never revealed anything about what happened during those four years when he was "receiv[ing] instruction and intelligence."

Few Mormon believers have ever wondered what part the "Three Nephites and John the Beloved" played in the "manner his kingdom was to be conducted in the last days."

Even though the Book of Mormon specifically states that the work that these "immortals" would do would be "great and marvelous" (see 3 Nephi 28:31-32), none of these believers question or even consider what They might be doing, and what They might have done, to begin Their "great and marvelous work."

Even if the Mormon deceived don't want to know what their "Three Nephites and John the Beloved" did, do, and will do, one would think that they might be curious as to what Joseph was told during the four years he was receiving "instruction and intelligence."

Joe often explained why he wouldn't have told them, even if they would have asked him about this "instruction and intelligence":

... if I were to tell you all I know...you would rise up and kill me.

Yeah, what was Joe supposed to say?

"Hey Dudes, Lucifer is answering your prayers and giving you all kinds of revelation to set up another one of his religions. God and Jesus don't even know what the hell is going on on this Godforsaken ... literally ... planet. You're all being led around by Lucifer, the ONLY god of this world. And, Oh, yeah. By the way, this is all just a dream happening in the head of the god Michael."

Well, Joe actually did say this, ALL of this!

But in a symbolic presentation that the deceived Mormons tout as their most sacred priesthood ordinance.

It was in the original endowment presentation that Joe mocked any form of "priesthood."

Mormons believe that the Holy Priesthood of God is eternal. Joe knew that it was all a bunch of bunkidity that was a result of a man's pride and ego ... which the Lucifer character in the play represented ... to show power and authority over others.

Here's how Joe and the "Three Nephites and John, the Beloved" put it in his\Their LDS temple endowment presentation:

ADAM: What is that apron you have on?
(Lucifer draws his cloak back to reveal a black apron.)
LUCIFER: It is an emblem of my power and Priesthoods.
ADAM: Priesthoods?
LUCIFER: Yes, Priesthoods.

The above is from the original endowment.

Of course, as is the case when they don't have a clue how to explain it to their members, later Mormon leaders removed the part where Adam questions Lucifer about "priesthoods."

If priesthood power was of any significance or importance, surely Adam would have understood what "priesthoods" meant.

But Joe, the director of the original play, prompted the actor playing Adam to act like he didn't have a clue.

During those crucial four years, Joe learned everything that he needed to know in order to help the Real Illuminati® (They) begin Their "great and marvelous work."

Joe needed to learn how to lead and deceive. (See Book of Mormon, Jacob 4:14.)

Keep in mind, when They first approached me and explained what they wanted me to do ... lie and deceive in order to open closed minds and hearts ... I agreed, at first.

But when "the world" took away two of my beloved kids, I reneged on the deal and informed Them that They would have to find someone else.

In 1991, I was very happy living as I was. I was very happy knowing the Real Truth™ about how things really are and how things really were in the past. I was happy not lying and deceiving people.

I sincerely thought at that time that the "Three Nephites and John the Beloved," i.e., my recruiters, the Real Illuminati®, were wrong.

I thought that telling the people the real truth about all things was the way to go.

I thought this, because upon having my brain transfigured, I was a happier, more fulfilled person. I treated people better. I accepted people and had no problem with how any other person on Earth chose to live their life.

I lived dirt poor, and purposefully wanted to raise my children poor, setting their expectations as low as possible, so that they could experience more happiness in life. The lower one's expectations are, the greater the chance that one will experience happiness instead of misery, especially since most people's high expectations cannot be met in this "lone and dreary world."

Being a lot younger than I was, and with little worldly experience, it was much easier for the Real Illuminati® to give Joe the "instruction and intelligence" that Joe would need to do Their bidding.

Joe was more malleable than I was.

Joe and I are hated because we know a lot more than those who hate us and criticize us.

In fact, here is the Real Truth™:

Joe and I knew and know more than any other "normal" modern-day mortal upon Earth ... bar none ... without any exception.

And here is the hardest thing that we can't seem to get people to understand:


Oh, my! How many people have approached me and told me that their brain was transfigured and that they became enlightened.

Oh, my! How many have told me that they have spiritual guides that give them "instruction and intelligence."

So when I say it again ... and let me reiterate it here ...


You can imagine how their pride and ego fight this.

But proving this claim is actually pretty easy to do.

Concerning my particular role today (2020), I am the only person on Earth who has come up with a viable, unchallengeable plan to eliminate worldwide poverty—a plan that, if accepted, could be immediately implemented in the current economic structures that support the world's modern economy.

Humanity could implement this plan and eliminate poverty, while bolstering and supporting the Free Market ... yep, allowing and supporting all the good parts of Capitalism.

There is no arguing this. Some have tried. They always fail.

This one fact, alone, is the main reason why there are those who cannot be convinced that my claim as the world's ONLY TRUE MESSENGER is false.

If a person ... anyone on Earth ... could show how and why the economic plan that I have proposed will not solve worldwide poverty immediately, then this person will prove that my claim is false, and that I am not who I claim to be.

Those who follow the "great and marvelous work" of the Real Illuminati® are convinced, beyond any shadow of doubt, largely because they cannot find anyone else on Earth with a plan that can easily end poverty ...


If anyone in the world had their own "spiritual guides," then these enlightened ones would know about a simple plan to end a lot of the misery experienced by humanity. But these don't have a clue. Just ask them!

If one, out of so many who call themselves, "prophets, seers, revelators, messengers, channelers, conduits, the enlightened, gurus ... there are so many different names" ... if only ONE of these could be found that could logically and reasonably show any flaw in the Real Illuminati®'s plan to end worldwide poverty, then I couldn't make such a claim ... that they're all a bunch of idiots being led around by their egos.

The Real Illuminati® has done a lot more than just present an infallible economic plan to end poverty, in order to prove, beyond any reasonable and logical doubt, that They are who They claim to be, and that Joe and Me were/are Their chosen True Messengers.

One of Their greatest proofs was a simple riddle that They invented and incorporated into Their book of Revelation.

They wrote it this way ... and the King James Version gives a pretty good English translation of the riddle:

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. (Revelation 13:18.)

It's a simple riddle with an even simpler answer.

But for hundreds of years, no one else on Earth was able to answer it.

Joe could have answered the riddle, IF he would have been allowed to ... IF in answering it, it wouldn't have gotten him killed.

I could have answered it.

And I did.

It was my role to "unfold" the answer when the Real Illuminati® was ready for the world to have it.

They told me the answer in 1991, when They were explaining to me what my role would be in helping Them.

Yep, I was the one They chose to fulfill the prophecy that They had written and put into Their new American scripture ... yet another riddle that gave an important clue about Their work ... when "the work of the Father"—a term They often used in Their scriptures to describe Their "great and marvelous work"— actually began.

They wrote of the "sealed portion" of Their book.

They wrote about,

... the very things which the brother of Jared saw; and there never were greater things made manifest than those which were made manifest unto the brother of Jared.
Wherefore the Lord hath commanded me to write them; and I have written them. And he commanded me that I should seal them up; and he also hath commanded that I should seal up the interpretation thereof; wherefore I have sealed up the interpreters, according to the commandment of the Lord. (BOM, Ether 4: 4-5.)

They were very specific in explaining that, "when ye shall receive this record ye may know that the work of the Father has commenced upon all the face of the land." (See BOM, Ether 4:17.)

And They knew that the deceived LDS/Mormon leaders would lie to their followers and tell them that the coming forth of the unsealed part, the Book of Mormon, was the "record" spoken of in the above verse, when the "work of the Father" would commence.

Yeah ... They knew.

This is why They included an important pretext before writing about this specific "record" ... which is undeniably the "sealed part," if a person honestly reads the entire chapter in context.

Yeah ... They are much smarter than all the religious leaders, prophets, seers, revelators, messengers, channelers, conduits, the enlightened, gurus ... there are so many different names.

The preceding verse is VERY SPECIFIC:

And then shall my revelations which I have caused to be written by my servant John be unfolded in the eyes of all the people. Remember, when ye see these things, ye shall know that the time is at hand that they shall be made manifest in very deed. (BOM, Ether 4:16.)

They unfolded "in the eyes of all the people," not just the few believers and readers of Their Book of Mormon, but in the eyes of EVERYONE IN THE WORLD, the true meaning of the book of Revelation.

Their book, 666, The Mark of America, Seat of the BeastThe Apostle John's Book of Revelation Unfolded, is undeniably the greatest explanation of Revelation ever given! Bar none ... without exception!

In the book, "the number of the beast, 666" is finally revealed for what it really is, what it has always been ... to the chagrin of all those religious leaders, prophets, seers, revelators, messengers, channelers, conduits, the enlightened, gurus ... there are so many different names ... who taught their followers that it meant something else.

All these, including every other person on Earth who doesn't know the answer to this simple riddle, and cannot present a viable plan to end suffering by ending poverty, are those to whom They refer to as "those without understanding."

"He who hath understanding" unfolded the correct answer to the riddle.

"He who hath understanding" presented an unchallengeable plan to end worldwide poverty.

"He who hath understanding" boldly proclaims, again, and again, and again, and again:


This bold claim is why Joe, Me, and the Real Illuminati® are hated so much by the prophets, seers, revelators, messengers, channelers, conduits, the enlightened, gurus ... there are so many different names ... of the world. All of these are full of bunkidity.